The NHL championship 2019-2020 will pass the 3rd time since the beginning of the National hockey league. Annual competitions started on 3rd October 2019 and will finish on 5th April 2020. Several playoff tournaments will take place from April till June 2020.

This season will be promising and lead to new horizons for most famous hockey stars.

Alexander Ovechkin: 700 goals in his sports career

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Alexander no longer needs proof to be called “sniper”. He will always be recognized as a master in scoring goals, even if he loses his enthusiasm!

During the NHL 2019-2020 championship the leader of “Washington capitals” is going to cross the 700-goal line. To accomplish this, he needs to score 42 goals more and after that, he will reach the title of the 8th hockey player in the world who managed to score such a big amount of goals.

Previously it has been done only by Gretzky, Howe, Jagr, Brett Hull, Dionne, Esposito, and Gartner.

Moreover, with such pace, Ovechkin has all chances to outrun established records made by Gretzky.

Sidney Crosby: 1300 points for his sports career

Today Sidney, who celebrated his 32nd anniversary this year, earned 1216 points and to achieve results needs just to play as usual doing his best without getting any serious injuries. Sidney played the previous 4 championships very profitably. Today “Pittsburgh” has huge thirst for victories, so with the strengthening of the team’s spirit, Crosby is simply bound to succeed. Sid needs only 54 goals to cross the 500-goal line, but in the 2019-2020 championship, it might not happen.

Joe Thornton for his career has 1500 points and 1100 passes

Joe has a great chance to win the Stanley Cup, which perhaps can be the last in his career. Joe needs only 22 points to reach the mark of one and a half thousand points, but it is unlikely that he needs this. His achievement of 1100 assists is much more significant because Thornton is one of 5 players that were able to get such results. But it’s obvious that none of his fans will be happy if Thornton never gets the long-awaited Cup, being one of the gifted hockey players that never became champions.  

Zdeno Hara: 1500 professional team games

A 42-year-old hockey player from Slovakia is the oldest participant in the annual competitions. Zdeno has shown his strength and will in his playoff game with a jaw injury. Only fifteen games to cross the mark of 1500 matches. Hara is only the 6th defender to reach this result. Another hockey veteran, Patrick Marlo, can also beat this record — he needs to play 43 matches to cross the mark of 1700 ice competitions, but the athlete doesn’t have a contract yet.

Marc-Andre Fleury: 800 Games for a Sports Career

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At the moment, only 15 goalkeepers have managed to participate in so many matches. The 34-year-old hockey player has already counted 798 games, and to catch up with Nikolai Khabibulin, which has on account 799 games for an already completed career, just one fight is enough.

Only serious physical damage can prevent Marc-Andre from setting this record.

Henrik Lundqvist: 450 wins for his sports career 

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One could say that it’s hard to imagine Henrik conquering new peaks and that in the nearest future Georgiev and Shesterkin are about to outrun him, but it is not true. He needs only one triumph for the legendary number of victories. And after this, he will become the sixth goalie in the history of NHL to get this achievement. Moreover, probably Henrik will rise to fifth place in this rating in the league process. An athlete can get around Curtis Josefa, who has 454 victories.

Patrick Kane: 1000 points for a professional career

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Twelve years ago Kane got the opportunity to play in the league, During this time Patrick without any problems almost reached the mark of thousand points. “Chicago” has to score another 62 points to the desired mark, which is quite realistic, because over the past seasons it was very easy for him to get values of 95 points. As previously said, only a serious injury can get in the way of the American athlete.

Eric Staal: 1000 points in his history in the world of hockey

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It seems that the 34-year-old Minnesota old-timer will be able to outrun Patrick Kane and take the title of 89th hockey player in the list of professional players that have reached the mark of a thousand points. Eric needs only 26 points, the half that he earned in the previous season to get one thousand points. This is the reason why it may take less time and energy to attain another goal. Just after the start of the competition, Eris celebrates his 35th anniversary, but nothing prevents him from playing in several seasons and moving to the next goals.

Stephen Stamkos: 400 goals, 800 points, 800 games in his hockey career

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In Stephen’s situation, it is very hard to make any predictions and be sure about anything until the end. In the first seasons, Stamkos won twice the title of the most accurate hockey player. The fifth season was very short for him as the result of the lockout. In the sixth year of the career injury of his foot became a big problem on the way to big goals. Stephen could achieve the mark of 400 goals much sooner if not only this negative event. Right now he needs to score only 7 goals. Moreover, Stephen approached the mark of 800 played matches (currently 746) and 800 points scored (currently 766). We hope that in the future his health won’t play against him.

Evgeniy Malkin: 400 goals, 1100 points in a career

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Malkin and Stamkos are two competitors to cross the mark of 400 goals. Malkin needs nine times to score which is two more than needs Stamkos. If he had been luckier in the previous season, he’d have reached thе line of 400 this time without any difficulties. Evgeniy scored only 21 goals, and this is the second-worst result in his career. Malkin has all chances to cross the line of 1100 points if he scores 98 points more this season. Let’s hope that luck won’t leave him this time.  

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