TWIFT | Football | How a Benfica fan screwed up

How a Benfica fan screwed up

Remember when you got lost being drunk as a skunk having no idea what were the buildings around? And remember that immense relief when you finally understood where you were? Well, that’s not the case. Our hero was not too pleased to learn where he finally turned up to be.

The guy from Portuguese decided to root for his favorite Benfica when they played quarterfinals with Eintracht in Europa League. Cos he was such a dope fan, he wanted to see his team to beat the shit of the opponent with his own eyes.

Alvaro Oliveira jumped into his car and spend 28 hours driving to get to Frankfurt. Unfortunately, there are two different Frankfurts in Germany. And if that loof had learned some geography he would know that. Or at least had looked at the map.

Oliviera headed for Frankfurt am Main and ended up in Frankfurt (Oder). The difference between the cities is 600 kilometers. And the difference of his face before and after realization is really amusing. You just look at that I-am-fucking-stupid face expression.

football fake news

Despite he’s not very bright, he’s rather lucky. Cos all in all he still had a chance to make it to the stadium. He arrived at the wrong Frankfurt eight hours before the match which left him just enough time to rehabilitate from such a fail.

But here’s a twist for twifters. It was just a prank! It was a fucking advertisement! They lied to us in the eyes! But the story was good though.

The real name of the bastard on the photo is Marcelo Rodriguez. He created a fake Instagram account and used it to promote a German magazine 11 Freunde with the directed story of the ignorant football fan. Which proves that anything on the Internet can be a fake. And are you sure this news is real then?

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