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Main Transfer Rumors. Zidane Still ‘Trying to Buy’ Pogba in His Team

The head coach of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane wants to buy a contract with 26-year-old midfielder Manchester United and the French national team Paul Pogba.

The well-known Eden Hazard was the first on the transfer list. As the player wanted to leave Chelsea there were no problems. It’s more difficult with Pogba, as he is not very interested in playing for Manchester United. However, all European media are confident that Real Madrid will successfully make a deal with Pogba in the upcoming transfers.

Zinedine Zidane wants to see Pogba in his team, the coach considers the French midfielder’s main talent. Earlier President Florentino Perez vetoed the transition to the French club, which caused many nuances like the transfer price and the player’s salary.

Aggressive football style

The style of the Zidane’s team is not about controlling the ball with an acceptable amount of passes and transitions from flank to flank. This is a tough football with aggressive counterattacks, a quick change from defense to attack. Pogba is the best choice for this, who will provide a variety of attacks and at the same time increase attack potential. Perez has confidence in the coach. Zinedine Zidane approves it in the Champions League with good results in the club tournament.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget that the rivalry in Real Madrid is big and there are a lot of famous players, including Tony Cross, who is the central midfielder. The German is interested in continuing to play in “MU”. Even though, as a result of the last two seasons, the player’s rating has fallen, which only confirms the need to purchase a world-class star.

The current coach of the Manchester United team, Ole Gunnar Sulscher, insisted on this transfer. During his coaching, the Frenchman began to score 13 from 18 goals and gave 7 assists, which proves how good Paul is.

Pogba was injured and was recovering and has not played since the end of September.

Money, power, and politics of Manchester United 

According to interviews, the football player`s contract is valid until the summer of 2021.  Negotiations are in progress and the amount of 55 million euros was announced. Manchester United can buy two good midfielders and an attacker due to their money capabilities.

Speaking about other transfers or offers, another player from Manchester United Nemanja Matic, in his case, can be exchanged with Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester United club suggests that this exchange may strengthen the team. In the summer, United and Tottenham may lose players for nothing. Sources say that none of the players has a desire to move to another club.

Labour parties talked about their plans for the future, it is about the fact that fans will be able to influence the choice of manager in their club. It would also be possible to have your person on the board of directors.

Rafael Benitez, the coach of the Dalian Yifang Chinese team, is interested in Premier League clubs including West Ham, but unfortunately, Rafael has another 2 years of the contract. The buyout will cost 20 million at the moment, but the price can change during the season. 

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