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How to Increase Your Tennis Serve Power. A Simple Guide

The tennis serve is where the game of tennis begins. Often it determines the fate of your future game. Successful serve at times increases the chances of defeating the opponent, so this element of the game is very important.

tennis serve

It’s worth noting that the tennis serve is at the same time the most difficult technique. That’s why it gives you all the chances to reach heights in a tennis career. To achieve a powerful tennis serve, you need to know clear instructions, learn the technique and get intellectual endurance.

And then the correct techniques from the position of capture, holding the serve, swing to the end of the serve will give you the opportunity to get success in the game!

To feel more confident on the court, we will try to step by step explore all available ways to improve the tennis serve and understand them.

Step 1: Preparing for Tennis Serve

One of the basic tennis rules is to properly prepare for the serve. If a player fails to serve the ball well, this may affect the whole game, his mood, and motivation. The right beginning in almost all of our actions is one of the most important things. Before the start of the game, you should clear your head. As practice shows, athletes are often nervous before the first serve, and if it fails, their mood only worsens. In order to prevent such a sad incident, take a few deep breaths and exhalations, then hit a ball against the court, as if checking for its strength. Such introductory actions will help you to focus and get comfortable on the court.

Step 2: How to Hold the Racket?

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Getting the racket right is half the battle. Since the grip with which you hold the racket in your hands determines the rotation of the ball and the accuracy of the serve. Commonly it is used continental grip. This is the position when the fist is in line with the right side of the racket. And then your hand together with the racket from the perfect one straight line. Thanks to this position, the player can control the accuracy and strength serve of the ball.

Step 3: Your Own Style of Play in Tennis

To feel free on the court, you need to know the nuances of your strengths and weaknesses, all your features. This will help to predict and calculate the strategy of your attacks. If you already know yourself in the game and, you are guessing, what you could do with this or that hit, you will have more time to prepare for it and make the most accurate tennis serve. Those who want to confuse their opponent often use the “serve with an exit to the net” style, when the server suddenly comes to the net after the ball is thrown to the opponent’s side. It becomes uncomfortable for the opponent to score twisted balls, and this increases the chances of winning. Make sure your style of play matches the style of tennis serve.

Step 4: Find Your Serve Style

tennis serve

Finding your own tennis serve style has become a challenge for a lot of modern players. The only thing is that it’s often difficult to choose the most suitable from a huge number of techniques. Many tennis players use all the variations they know. This can only harm the situation. After all, one well-established trick works at times better than the five memorized last week. So the player can alternately use either the flat serve style or the twisted style, but in reality, he only gets lost and doesn’t have time to practice his skills.

Step 5: Keeping Fit

tennis serve

Daily training allows you to keep fit, practice the serve and strengthen your style. But as soon as a tennis player makes a break in his training even for a week, his techniques begin to be forgotten, his skill becomes not so expressive… As a result, stepping on the court again, the player may encounter difficulties in serve and playing techniques.

Step 6: Sudden Serve and Jump

An effective technique of the game is to serve in a jump, due to the height of the throw there are chances to throw the ball into the square of the serve. If you make a sharp and sudden hit on the ball, you can spin it with such force that it’s unlikely to return to you.

Step 7: Body Coil and Knee Bend

This technique is used by people who prefer a modest tennis serve, but at the same time at a rather complex level. You need to scroll the brush and lower your hand down a tangent line from the ball. Thanks to such an action, the power of rotation of the ball will increase significantly, and this will increase your chances of throwing the ball into the serve square.

Step 8: Tennis Serve Secrets

tennis serve

As it turned out, in tennis the most important thing is not the first serve, but the second one. At the first serve, points are determined. The second serve is usually a backup and it gives an 80-90% chance of throwing the ball into the game. Therefore, if you were unable to complete the first serve, this is not a reason to be upset, because it’s the second serve that will solve everything. During the second serve you need to hit the ball with more force, besides waving a racket many times faster to have time to spin the ball.

Step 9: Practice, practice and again…practice

Players who have a strong serve usually need several times more energy to maintain the same pace throughout the game. In order to prevent loss of strength, you need to create a training program for every day and practice your serve and endurance.

Step 10: Your mood is Your Success

Along with the techniques and proper tennis serve, the psychological state on the court is also important. If in the first serve you are defeated, it doesn’t mean that the whole game will now fail, and there is no point in trying. On the contrary, in such moments as never before it is important to get stronger and understand that your small defeat is not indicative. The main thing is to be able to step over it and continue to concentrate on the game, without using the necessary energy on your negative thoughts like “why didn’t it work out? Why am I such a bad player?”… At such moments, it is important to stay in the moment “here and now”, since after your slight distraction the opponent can notice it and use it against you. Staying involved in the game, you can easily fix the situation based on previous experience and using it as a useful lesson. Maintaining an optimistic attitude throughout the game is one of the main keys to your success.

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