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Portugal Qualify for Euro 2020

The draw for the Euro 2020 qualifying tournament was held in Dublin, 2018. Teams like Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, and Luxembourg were selected to group B. According to the rules, only two teams go to the final. Also, teams without enough points will have a chance to reach the final tournament through the nation’s playoffs. 

Back in 2016, for the first time in history, the Portuguese won the European Championship and defeated France with a score of 1:0 in the finals. Eder scored the goal in extra time. 3 years after the triumph, the team again conquered the tournament and won the UEFA National League this time. 

Everyone predicted first place in groups for main contenders to be the Euro 2020 winners, but the start wasn’t productive. The national team played a draw with Ukraine and Serbia, the Reds gathered in the middle of the group stage and Fernando Santos launched a series of victories with his national team, but the invincible Ukrainians were on the way. They did not allow previous champions to leave the group with a first place.

The Ukrainian national team hosted the Portuguese in Kyiv. With the help of the young team and coach, hosts were able to surprise guests by scoring two goals in the first half. In the second half of the match, the Portuguese fought to the end and Ronaldo scored the goal from the penalty spot. It was an anniversary goal for a genius, 700 goals in the career for a football player. But, the only goal could not bring a positive result, thereby securing a second place.

Ronaldo scored his 700th career goal

The results became predictive in the final matches. Current title owners won the match (2:0) with the Luxembourg team and qualified for Euro 2020 from second place after the Ukrainian team. Goals were scored by Bruno Fernandes on the 39th minute and Cristiano Ronaldo on the 86th minute.


During this match occurred a funny episode with the leader of the Portuguese national team. He had to pose for a selfie again, but this time his fan ran out onto the field and asked to took a picture with him.

Final score:

Ukraine – 20 points,
Portugal – 17,
Serbia – 14,
Luxembourg – 4,
Lithuania – 1.


The final draw and seeding of the participants for the Portuguese national team took place on November 30. It became dangerous group F with the participation of France and Germany national teams The last opponent will be the winner of the Way A matches (Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary).

We wish the Portuguese national team good luck to defend their title-winning Euro 2020! 

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