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The Best Goalkeepers in the World

Are you looking for a list of the best goalkeepers in the world? Search no more. There are not so many good footballers concerning bad ones who like to pretend (if you know what I mean). The same can be said about goalkeepers. But, if you count on a large scale, and look back, you can still collect a decent list of the best goalkeepers in the world. Right now you will find out the answer to the question: who is the best goalkeeper in the world? Go!

It’s impossible not to love football. Even if you don’t know anything about it, when you come as a fan for the first time, you will catch the right emotion in half an hour. The main thing is to find out the color of shorts the team you support, do not miss the moment when the goalkeepers change, get high, and yell chants. Just in 30 minutes with a beer in hand, you will root for your team like a true fan, and hope with all your heart that this particular day will be victorious!

This article contains the best diamonds in the history of football. Goalkeepers who aroused respect and strong emotions with their play. For those who did not know about them, for newcomers or even junior football players, it will be interesting to know some facts, and for heavy football fans (or the players themselves) it will be nice to remember those who make football the most awesome game…

Top 10 Goalkeepers in the World

You know, now the goalkeepers have the right to choose any number they like on their t-shirt, but before the main goalkeeper of the team entered the field only as number one. And this is fucking symbolic! The goalkeeper is often left alone with the opponent’s attack, and his main duty is to keep the team’s goal intact. The history of football knows a lot of best goalkeepers, whose inspired game was remembered by the fans for a long time, and each of these goalkeepers had his unique style.

# 1 Lev Yashin is the Best Goalkeeper of All Time

best goalkeepers in the world

He can be called the greatest goalkeeper in the world. He was ranked #1 by FIFA World Soccer, France Football, and Placar. In addition to the title of Best Goalkeeper XX, he was awarded the title of Best Player by Venerdi, Guerin Sportivo, Planete Foot, and Voetbal International. Devilish handsome Lev Yashin became the only goalkeeper in the history of football who received the Golden Ball. He took the first position with dignity, I think no one will argue. 

Lev Yashin is one of the first goalkeepers who widely mastered the game on the outs and throughout the penalty area. There is no limit to the respect for the football legend! Just imagine, he played over 100 penalties in the game. A dude who is still the pride of this big sport!

# 2 Iker Casillas – Ex-star of Real Madrid

best goalkeepers in the world

Iker Casillas is worthy of the rightful second place like no other. He collected almost all the famous football trophies, so he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The Spanish goalkeeper is known all over the world as the ex-star of Real Madrid. It is worth recalling that this tough guy won the national championship with Real Madrid, not one, not two, but five times. He also won the Champions League three times. Playing for the Spanish national team, Iker Casillas once became the world champion, and also twice won the continental championship. Also, one of the best goalkeepers in the world won all of his titles as a captain.

Iker Casillas is a great example of top football players, so those who watched him on the field will understand such a good attitude towards, for a sec, the five-time winner of the award for the best goalkeeper in the world according to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics, IFFHS, in 2008-2012. I would need a separate huge book to list his achievements in football, so let’s move on to our number 3 in the list of the best goalkeepers in the world.

# 3 Oliver Kahn is an Impenetrable Goalkeeper

best goalkeepers in the world

And now let’s move on to the great goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Oh, he is so fucking cool dude. Do you agree? Throughout his club career, he played in the Bundesliga for just two clubs Karlsruhe and Bayern. The German goalkeeper, playing for the Bavarian team in the Champions League final in 2001, managed three penalty kicks from Valencia. This brought victory to his club. The fans yelled then. It seemed that the squeals of those who watched the game from home reached the field. It was a very emotionally intense game for the whole world. 

It’s so cool when there are not only losers on the field. The level of play both of this goalkeeper and the entire team has always been at the most fucking level. It is known that Oliver Kahn was called at one time the most impenetrable goalkeeper and one of the best goalkeepers in the world. 

# 4 Jens Lehmann is one of the Best German Goalkeepers

best goalkeepers in the world

The start of Jens Lehmann’s career was not as great as his further career, but not all great people started great. But now he can be called one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Jens spent a long time with Arsenal, Schalke 04, played about 10 games without losses in the UEFA Champions League in the mid-2000s. 

The fans watching the game of Jens Lehmann and the team will never forget the awesome season, when our maestro, and just the coolest goalkeeper, took a penalty from Ivan Zamorano in the final cup match against Inter. Bravo, dude, BRAVO! From this time he was on the list of top German goalkeepers for a long time. Then he was moved by new football stars, but he will remain one of the best goalkeepers in history. 

For his merits in the field, he now occupies an honorable 4th place among the best goalkeepers in the world.

# 5 Dino Zoff – the Oldest Footballer

best goalkeepers in the world

The Italian goalkeeper is the oldest player to become the world champion in the national team. That is why he got into our rating. Dino Zoff won this honorary title at the tournament in Spain. Then he was also the team captain. And he was by the way already 40 years old! Dino Zoff managed to play in such teams as Udinese, Mantova, Napoli, and Juventus. At one time, he spent almost 2 years without conceding a single goal.

He can also be called an eminent coach, because in 1990, thanks to his clear tactics, Juventus won the Italian Cup and UEFA.

# 6 Gianluigi Buffon is not just a Goalkeeper, but also a Team Mascot

best goalkeepers in the world

The Italian footballer, the goalkeeper of the Juventus club also has enough recognition. In 2006, he was so bright at the World Championship in the Italian national team. Also, in the same 2006, he received recognition from FIFA and was named the best goalkeeper of the tournament. The 2006 World Cup is not yet Gianluigi’s greatest achievement, but the most significant for his career. This is a leap up, the level that he managed to maintain for many years. 

In 2018, he became the most expensive goalkeeper in the world! Recall that then the goalkeeper moved from Parma to Juventus which cost about $ 42 million. So who is the best goalkeeper in the world after that? Buffon has played great throughout his career, his trophies as the best goalkeeper have become pride not only for him but also for the teams he played for.

For the victorious matches and the fact that Gianluigi Buffon was the goalkeeper, he was called the mascot of the national team and not only. So, we assign 6th place to him.

# 7 Gordon Banks is one of the Strongest Goalkeepers of the 20th Century

best goalkeepers in the world

Although he is one of the coolest old-times goalkeepers and should be the second after Yashin (he admitted this, by the way), if we consider it globally, it is better to put Gordon Banks in the 7th place. But, he is still fucking cool! 

Let’s remember his most notorious achievements: World Champion in 1966, participation in the World Championships in 1962, 1970, the second coolest goalkeeper of the 20th century, the record for the duration of the “dry” series (441 minutes). For what it’s worth, a goalkeeper did his best in 1970, during the game against Brazil. Then he showed everyone ‒ bitches, I reached the world level!

# 8 Peter Shilton ‒ Record Holder for Most Official Matches

best goalkeepers in the world

In eighth place, we have the world record holder for the number of official matches in a football career. Who did not know ‒ get ready for this personality. Peter Shilton is just a beast and a workaholic, the legendary goalkeeper has 1390 matches on his account. Fucking hard, huh? 

He was the goalkeeper in 1005 matches in the championships of England. This has never been possible before. The jaw drops from this information. Once Peter Shilton even became the champion of England. It happened when he was with Nottingham Forest. Bro, you deserve to be on our list of 10 best goalkeepers in the world.

# 9 Peter Schmeichel is the Star of the Penalty Kick

best goalkeepers in the world

The penultimate in our rating of the best goalkeepers in the world is the Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel. He is known to football fans as the dude who won the national championship and even the Champions League with Manchester United in 1992. Most of all, of course, it is worth highlighting the successes of Peter during the game for the national team of his native country. Then he gained popularity, which made his name truly stellar. He has even one scored goal! 

The dude just shone at every match. Let’s remember the European Championship in Sweden. The team, which Schmeichel played for, joined the match with almost no preparation, and the result was that they received the title of European champions. The goalkeeper was so shining then, oh, the penalty kick from Van Basten, which Peter made in the semifinals. It was fucking cool!

# 10 Manuel Neuer is the star of Bayern Munich

best goalkeepers in the world

German footballer, goalkeeper, captain of Bayern Munich, captain of the German national team Manuel Neuer worthily closes the rating of the best and most fucked-up goalkeepers in history. One of the best goalkeepers in the world provides the most reliable defense. The dude became so cool when he got the coveted ticket to football thanks to Schalke 04. 

Not to say that this club achieved great success, but the fact that Neuer was there, made the team much stronger. Well, then the goalkeeper was acquired by Bayern Munich and real cool battles and achievements took place. With Bayern Munich, he won the national championship seven times and even once the famous Champions League.

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