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FIFA 19 — what is new and what to do with it

Tactical depth and gameplay update

It’s no secret to anyone that tactics are not the strongest side of FIFA. If you listen to the Pro Evolution Soccer fans, there is no such thing as tactics in FIFA. However! It’s time for them to shut up and see how EA improved the way the game works. And Pro Evolution Soccer isn’t that perfect as well, just for you to know.

The main thing to be delighted about is the depth. And not of the dumps, as some may say. FIFA 19 developers implemented the so-called dynamic tactics that allow the player to have more precise control over the team play pattern. Now the player can manipulate not only the footballers’ positions on the field but their reaction in particular situations. Like, you can make them press and push when they lose a ball or be little pussies and back down. Or decide how many of them will come to watch (or participate in, it depends) a corner hit and stuff like that. Altogether developers included five formations the player can shift in between. And — a nice bonus — they can be shifted right in the middle of the game. Or at the beginning. Or at the end. Well, anytime you want. Cool, ha?

It isn’t any groundbreaking innovation, but it really added a twist to the gameplay. Players can now adjust the team to play in the most convenient way for them. And it has brought a wonderful sensation of really working with the team, managing the game tactics, instead of the choose-a-scheme-and-let’s-see-what-happens type of a game. Surely, newbies will shit their pants trying to master the new feature, but it’s really something pro-players or at least strong players will have their benefit from. If they could play awesome with neutered settings, more precise tactics will make them so much better!

The gameplay, animation and our teeny-tiny footballers’ behavior were also changed. Two words — Timed Finishing. Oh, that is some good stuff. Watch the trick: you click a kick button and the player has a colorful scale lit up above the head. The scale is somehow a hit accuracy scale. If you click the button the second time when the slider is in the green area, you have more chances to score. Red or yellow — and you shouldn’t do it — the footballer is more likely to make a lousy hit. If it’s too much for your little brain, you can skip the whole thing and just trust your instincts. But for those who really know their timings, Timed Finishing will be a massive help. By the way, it is now much harder to score with a long-distance hit without the new stuff. Just for you to know…

Being completely honest, Timed Finishing is great, but not perfect. First of all, you need to spend hours smacking your fingers on the keyboard till they bleed to really get used to it and make accurate hits. But even after that. you’ll have situations where it will just distract you and make you go bananas. Like during the corner-kick when you just vigorously smack those buttons — now it’s a no-no. Let’s hope one of the following patches will make something with it.
Another cool update is the players’ animation. It is now as smooth as… Joking. There are still moments you won’t like, but compared to FIFA 18, players are now more agile and less clumsy. As funny as it sounds in 2018, they work better with the ball, they can give handoffs from any area and in any situation, and the second-level game is now much more active. If you choose players like Neymar, Ronaldo or Messi, you’ll see what I mean. The difference is tremendous! And the stars of football also received signature animation and ground moves.

If you think that’s it, you are wrong. There is even more good (and bad) stuff FIFA 19 developers have prepared for us. The whole hitting system feels different — besides Timed Finishing, they also made the ball go slower and it’s more difficult to score now. Also, they buffed goalkeepers. In FIFA 19 they play more reliable and can show off with a super save more often. Bonus fact: Lev Yashin finally looks kinda like a real one and became one of the best goalkeepers in the game. Let’s all agree FIFA 18 Yashin never existed.

And about the bad things — the shit EA Sports has to improve in one of the first patches. Cos it ain’t funny, like at all: headwork is just straight cheating; at times you can’t choose the player you need (with both the key and the stick); and a bunch of less serious but as much irritating issues. But still, with all the crap to clean up, FIFA 19 is way ahead of FIFA 18. Don’t even get me started on what was wrong there. Challenge Everything.

New stuff for partying

If you are a true introvert and you just don’t understand Ultimate Team and other devilish cooperation modes, you will have a chance to enjoy a new and updated single-player mode now called Kick-Off 2.0.
Single-layer mode now lets you choose the setting you want to play in — you can replay the Champions League or Europa League finals. Sounds perfect for a one (maximum two)-person party. Oh, and if you want to add a twist or you are sick with the all-time-the-same matcher, FIFA 19 has something for you.
When opening House Rules you can manage the game rules and make it as fun as you want. Choose “Survival” and your team will lose one player after every goal. If you feel like playing your own game, you can have a sick match with no rules at all! Or, or you can count the goals scored with the head only. Or you can… Well, you just go and see. It’s definitely worth checking out.
Those crazy who prefer other modes have a real chance to miss Kick-Off 2.0. But for those who like to play a match or two with a couple of buddies, there is nothing better. Oh, you will piss your pants with excitement!

The Journey final

Two years ago, EA presented a story mode which told us a story of a simple English fella Alex Hunter, who wanted to become a football star… Sound nothing like an exciting experience, but appeared to be a real shit, no kidding.

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