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10 Newbie Tips For Yakuza 0

The Japanese version of GTA V, Yakuza 0, quickly caught the attention of Western audiences. The game tells us about the underworld of Japan in 1988, it is full of very believable battles, lively dialogues, and realistic graphics. And, we have to admit that the game is good: the harsh surroundings and unusual plot catch on.

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However, it might be a little confusing for a newbie on how to play Yakuza 0. Well, that’s not a problem as in this article you will find 10 tips for Yakuza 0 that you can use to become the head of a virtual mafia gang.

1. Understand the story

The story of Yakuza 0 itself is one of the best in the series. Here are cunning plans, and triple betrayals, and mock melodrama, and many more strange and interesting things.

In Yakuza 0, you’ll take turns playing two characters: Kazuma Kiryu and his friend Majima Goro. Each of the characters lives in their city and goes about their business – they build an empire from shops and come to their senses after the raids of bandits, or supply customers with prostitutes, along the way trying to return to the ranks of the Japanese mafia.

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Throughout the game, their connection and a certain similarity are felt, which gives the story a drama, and makes you thoughtfully listen and read what is happening on the screen.

2. Save more often

In Yakuza 0 is a pretty old fashioned save system. And if you don’t understand how to save Yakuza 0, look for phone booths that are scattered throughout the cities and between the chapters of the story. The Yakuza 0 autosave system is not available as such. 

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This means that you cannot just pick up and leave the game because you will lose some of the progress. It should also be noted that you need to save both before the start of the mission and after its completion. Also, keep in mind that some of the missions in Yakuza 0 are quite long.

3. Regenerate health

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Battles in the game are often delayed, and the character may not have enough time for rest and healing. As soon as you have the opportunity to explore Kamurocho, go to Kotobuki Drugs, to stock up on healing potions. The best of Yakuza 0 healing items that you can find in the pharmacy is the Staminan Royale, it restores health and a streak of heat. Before going on the next mission, stock up on the maximum amount of healing potions.

4. Explore the world

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In games like GTA, players are introduced to all the possibilities as the story progresses. However, in Yakuza 0, you have to find all the fun yourself. For example, go to a nightclub or gym. Walk the streets, explore, and be sure to find something interesting.

5. Use different fighting styles

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There are various fighting styles in Yakuza 0. Do not be lazy and ignore the training quests, as they help unlock various fighting techniques. These techniques will help you to overcome a difficult boss or survive a fight with a group of fighters in the future. If you ignore this advice, sooner or later you will still have to go back to the beginning and spend time improving your skills.

The best fighting styles in Yakuza 0 are determined by everyone. However, it should be noted that each character has three fighting styles. And for Kiryu, it is better to use the default style, but with Majima everything is more interesting: choose “Slugger”, and you get almost god mode.

Remember also that the heat scale is now divided into three levels, and many techniques depend on the number of filled strips. In each fight, you can adapt to the situation, or simply switch styles to suit your mood. Each style feels different, so constant fights don’t get boring as quickly as before.

6. Feel free to lower the difficulty level

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There is a huge gap between the meaning of the game and the mechanics. Few people buy this game to once again fight with a bunch of bots. The main feature of this game is that the player can dive into a charismatic world. Therefore, if you have difficulties with the game, do not be afraid to lower the difficulty. In a playful sense and in terms of the fun of getting the story, you have nothing to lose. The battles will still be interesting, and you can additionally return to previous cutscenes.

7. Make money and invest in yourself

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There are enough ways to get money in the game. However, the most profitable ones appear around the middle of the game. Be that as it may, in the game you can earn fabulous sums. And if earlier a fight with a street thug could bring only a couple of thousand yen, now the bill goes to tens and hundreds of thousands, and a serious brawl can bring even several million. And if you need to make easy money quickly, go to the Temple and find Bob – a clown who carries a bunch of items with him. From him, you can get a Yakuza 0 diamond plate worth 100,000,000 yen.

Get new skills and don’t miss the opportunity to earn an extra hundred thousand yen. Initial purchases do not hit your wallet much, but the further you go, the more expensive the pumping becomes. It turns out to be a funny paradox: you are always rich, but money may still not be enough.

8. Remember that retreat is not always the worst path

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In some moments, meeting and encountering characters can be fun and rewarding. However, it can sometimes be equally tiring. Especially if you are busy with any task. As a result, the character will need to get the ability to pay off the gangs: to throw wads of money into the air so that everyone nearby rushes to collect them. But while you do not have this ability, sometimes it is better to just run away – various street trash can be seen on the minimap.

9. Don’t rush to do everything at once

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In Yakuza, there has always been something to occupy oneself in isolation from the story, but side quests and other amusements were easy to ignore. Yakuza 0 does everything to prevent this from happening. Taking a break from the story, you not only make money but also spend time in the most addicting mini-games that have been in the series.

The game does not simply rush, so you should not jump from one quest to another. Play thoughtfully, discover all the possibilities, and dive into each task.

10. Use a taxi

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Some players only after passing 2/3 of the game learned that from the very beginning it was possible to ride a taxi. They should be used much more often than prescribed in the game story since they are great time savers. On the map, taxis are displayed as icons with cars. Getting to a pharmacy or anywhere else is much faster by taxi than walking or driving on your own.


In general, one could continue to give advice, for example, regarding fighting styles or ways to get money. However, in this case, one of the key features of the game will be lost – the ability to independently explore and discover various things.

The most important thing is that now you know how to save Yakuza 0 and how to heal in Yakuza 0. Try different combat techniques, weapons and accessories, experiment in side quests, and visit all open areas on the map. And remember that after the end of the game will open the opportunity to explore locations without being tied to the story. This game is worth your time: its world is incredibly alive.

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