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BlizzCon Highlights: Overwatch, Diablo, WoW

Blizzard, an American developer, and publisher of computer games told about its major projects. BlizzCon hosted the annual BlizzCon conference in California, where Blizzard announced and shared details of its projects.  

Diablo IV

After a break in 2012, developers presented the sequel to the bloody shooter about the fight against the demons Diablo IV. In the new part, Blizzard promises to return to its former gloom atmosphere, and the nine-minute trailer proves it.

The developers promise a relatively open world where players can fight in PvP arenas. The release date of the game is not yet called.

In addition to the fourth part for the PC, the series will also be replenished with the mobile Diablo Immortal. The game was created in conjunction with the studio NetEase. The development of the game became known last year, but at the conference, they talked about new game zones, items and spells. The release date is also not disclosed.

Brief facts about Diablo 4

• Diablo 4 will be dark, cruel and bloody in the spirit of Diablo 2.

• There will be three classes: barbarian, sorceress, and druid.

• Diablo 4 will have a “large and almost seamless” world. Five regions with a change of day and night, as well as dynamic weather.

• Diablo 4 will require a permanent Internet connection, as in the third part. According to the developers, this is due to the MMO component of the game. 

• Users will be able to meet each other in locations, participate in general raids and fight in PvP zones.  

• Settlements and cities will become social hubs.

• It will be possible to move around locations on horses.

Despite the warm welcome of the announcement of Diablo 4, as well as flattering reviews for the cinematic trailer, many still remained dissatisfied with the too-long development and the fact that the company still has not even announced approximate release dates.

World of Warcraft: DLC Shadowlands

The legendary RPG is already 15 years old, but the relevance has not yet been lost. In a new expansion, Elf Sylvanas Windrunner takes revenge on the Lich King, whose predecessor, King Arthas, once enslaved her.

The battle leads to the apocalypse: it opens a portal to a new, otherworldly reality called Shadowlands, which players will have to give battle to. This is the underworld of the Warcraft universe, a place between the worlds from which the val’kyr and the priests of souls emerged.

The developers pampered the fans with the gameplay trailer, and the game will be able in 2020.

Shadowlands will also reduce the level-system. The maximum level will decrease from 120 to 60 as it was in the original version of MMORPG. In this case, the Shadowlands content will be designed for characters at least level 50. Pre-ordered World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is now available on the Blizzard store. World of Warcraft Classic will add world bosses and an honor system. It is not known when these innovations will take effect.

Overwatch 2

The first part was very successful and brought Blizzard a huge profit. Gamers are waiting for the continuation of three years. The developers talked about an improved game engine, an updated design of maps, new modes, and characters, but fans are also indignant.

The fact is that there are no fundamental differences from the previous part, so most players call Overwatch 2 a DLC, but not a new part.

You can import progress from the prequel into the game, and players from different parts will be able to play in one match. The trailer also shows the hero leveling system. It is unknown when will be the release of the game.

Brief facts about Overwatch 2:

• In Overwatch 2, there will be the story and heroic PvE missions, as well as a pumping system and additional modes for a competitive game.

• In the PvP mode for Overwatch 2, the “Onslaught” format will appear, where the team needs to capture a special robot and bring it to the enemy base.

• In joint tasks, developers will offer users to play major roles in the history of Overwatch and resolve “critical situations”. Players will have the opportunity to discover new abilities for completing missions. 

• Blizzard also said that Overwatch 2 will have improved graphics and changed versions of the characters. 

• The developers announced a cross-platform between Overwatch and Overwatch 2. Players of different parts will be able to fight each other in the same matches. At the same time, the company will allow the transfer of progress from Overwatch to Overwatch 2.

Hearthstone DLC Descent of Dragons

In the mobile game Hearthstone, the Descent of Dragons addition has appeared, which includes 135 new cards and the appearance of legendary dragons.

Also, the Battle Royale mode will appear, where eight players will fight with their cards until there is only one left. A new mode for all players is available from November 12th.

Warcraft III: Reforged

On November 1, during BlizzCon 2019, a beta test of the Warcraft III: Reforged multiplayer was launched for virtual ticket holders and pre-ordered extended edition of the game. During the announcement at last year’s BlizzCon, the developers promised a lot of things besides the updated graphics: an improved balance, a map editor, a new translation and voice acting, as well as some changes in the single-player campaign so that it matches World of Warcraft.

And then they refused to process the missions. However, this did not affect the beta testing and the campaign was not delivered as well as custom maps so only multiplayer problems remained.

Well, I’ll start with good news. The main highlight of Reforged, improved graphics, overall looks great. Although for many players, excessive craving for realism seems superfluous, they say that some models seem to be unnecessary. Blizzard has updated the models of characters and buildings, animations, icons, and everything that could be changed. And it’s not just about textures with a higher resolution, but about assets that have been drawn from scratch, which is why some characters cannot be recognized right away.  

As for the gameplay, as expected from the remaster, it is played exactly like the original Warcraft III at least multiplayer. Surprisingly, for 17 years the game has not become morally obsolete, which is what Blizzard is betting on: the studio has already stated that the balance will not be corrected for the first three months after the release. Well, guys, it is not clear only if we are talking about the release of a fucking beta version or a full game).

The rest has been unchanged. Races are still very different from each other on the principle of “rock-paper-scissors”. Orcs are vulnerable to magic attacks, but they improve the armor of all units at once. Forest elves procure wood without destroying forests, undead can build only on cursed land, but the building is erected itself, the novice only needs to read the spell, and you can do other things. Unique ground and air units, heroes who can buy equipment and gain experience on neutral creatures before the opponent… There is nothing special to add. This is Warcraft III! It is still played great.

The beta version of Reforged leaves a mixed impression now. Yes, on the one hand, it’s still the same Warcraft III without unnecessary innovations, with an excellent picture and all the additions on board. On the other hand, the technical condition is worthless, this is the level of technical alpha. Such a fucking low-quality product is a rarity for Blizzard. 

The words about the “release at the end of 2019” only add to the concern. Will they be able to fix all the problems in a month? Or, in pursuit of profit, will they release a half-bite stub exactly on New Year’s Eve to patch everything up in 2020? And what about the storyline campaign in general? 

This year Blizzcon presented us with many new updates and modes. So just wait and then enjoy it!

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