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Captain America Versus Darth Maul Fan Art

Finally, this battle is over! Captain America vs. Darth Maul. The confrontation of the century. Oh, you haven’t waited or even thought about this battle? To be honest, me too, but I liked the fan art on this topic made by Camille Vialet.

With the release of the Infinity War, superhero crossovers have become commonplace, although they only dreamed of it before. For decades, there have been events and battles in comics that amaze with their scale, idiocy, and pathos. For example, Deadpool versus absolutely all Marvel heroes, there is a whole series of comics about it. Or a vast number of alternatives to existing stories. What if Captain America was a member of the Hydra, or all people on Earth were superpowered mutants, and so on. All this is limited only by the imagination of the authors.

Captain America

But most of all, people love crossovers between entire franchises and universes. The eternal confrontation between Marvel and DC can be illustrated on paper. Deadshot vs. Deadpool, Captain America vs. Batman, etc. Now we will take a look at a little unusual fan art from a series of the same ones about the battles between Marvel and Star Wars.

Let’s start with Captain America. Steve Rogers, one of the most famous comic book characters in the world. The superhuman, who received his powers thanks to the serum, was selected for the experiment because of his personality traits, courage, will, and so on. He is the strongest person on the planet if we count the “standard” people. And he does not have any superpowers like throwing lightning, but all human powers in him are brought to the maximum. He can safely lift cars, run at the speed of a bus, jump, etc. And of course, we all know about his famous shield, which he uses for both defense and attack. Also, it is necessary to point out a brilliant tactical mind and knowledge that help him get out of even the most difficult situations.

Captain America

On the other hand, we have Darth Maul ‒ the Sith Lord, a disciple of Emperor Palpatine, and one of the most famous users of the dark side. In the films, he was only shown in Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. But in comics and cartoons, he has a whole storyline. Obi-Wan Kenobi did not kill Darth Maul immediately after the death of his teacher. Maul survived, and after many years returned to his plans to conquer the galaxy. Even though many of his endeavors were successful, he was eventually crushed by his former teacher and forced to wander the vast universe. As a result, he accepted death, already final, from his worst enemy, Obi-Wan Kenobi, on Tatooine.

Darth Maul, despite his many losses, was an incredibly powerful user of the dark side. He was more durable than most Jedi Masters and, most of the time, fought alongside Obi-Wan, one of the strongest Jedi. Like all Sith, he could use telekinesis, heightened reactions and senses, and also skillfully wielded a lightsaber.

In this battle, I would vote for Darth Maul. Even assuming that the captain’s vibranium shield can withstand lightsaber strikes, it will still be clear that Darth Maul has an advantage. Firstly, he is also superior in physical parameters to an ordinary person. He also possesses telekinesis and has a connection with Force, which allows him to predict the blows of an opponent. The captain, in turn, cannot boast of a sixth sense, but can only rely on his strength. Even in fan art, we can see that Darth Maul has an edge.

But we cannot know exactly the result, cause such confrontations may take place only in our imagination. Imagine this battle and think about who will be victorious!

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