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Dying Light Blueprints: Where to Find Them?

Even though the game has a bulk of weapons and improvements for it, the developers were not lazy and added a unique one. Such weapons may differ in both appearance and characteristics. The player gets it as he progresses through the game, as well as completing additional quests. Moreover, using blueprints in Dying Light, you can also craft one-of-a-kind weapons. It is about the unique weapon and its blueprints that will be discussed in this article.

What are Dying Light blueprints?

The blueprint is what helps the player to turn seemingly useless things and materials into survival tools. Blueprints can be obtained for completing storyline and side quests, as well as simply found in caches scattered throughout the map.

Dying Light ‒ Blueprint Location Guide

Dying Light

In Dying Light there are four areas: the Slums, Old Town, CountrySide, and Antenna. The story with Slums goes before the globalization due to new oil discoveries and the Harran Global Athletics, this area of Harran is named aptly so: as it is essentially a slum. The town of Harran is a fantasy city intended to exist in Turkey. Harran is possibly an Istanbul reenactment. Within Istanbul, there are many slums, with poverty being a common problem faced by the city. 

List of the blueprint locations in the Slums: 

Dying Light
  • 230V
  • Airport Security
  • Bad Hangover
  • Barbershop
  • Cattle Stamp
  • Dahlia’s Potions
  • Dentist
  • Electrician
  • Electricutter
  • Excalibur
  • Exorcist
  • Filthy Blade
  • Fire Launcher
  • Glowing Stick
  • Grill’em and Kill’em
  • GTFO
  • Heavy Welder
  • Home Run
  • Korek Machete
  • Kurts Bombs
  • Natural Medkit
  • Pocket Lighter
  • Poison Pen
  • Puff Puff pass
  • Puke ‘N’ Nuke
  • Short Circuit
  • Lick Bomb
  • Spiked Collar
  • Stay Down
  • Stinky Edge
  • Surprise MFs
  • Thorn Crown
  • Water Current
  • Welder
  • Zappo
  • Zazhigalka
  • Zombie Classic

Airport Security blueprint guide

Dying Light

In the Save zone of South of the Northeast Highway on a shelf in a building, you’ll find a blueprint. In the group of houses located southwest of the Taurus gas station. On the shelf behind the door. 

230V blueprint guide

Dying Light

To the north of the Tower, there is the Sports Court safe zone. It’s the same place where on his first assignment story quest Crane has to kill an infected runner. The blueprint is on the top of a box at the foot of the bedside. 

Bad Hangover blueprint guide

Dying Light

During the Siblings’ story quest, inside the Sums school, you’ll find a blueprint. For that, you need to go to the top floor in the second classroom on the right side of the hall. On the way, you’ll need to deal with some soldiers and after that, in the library, you’ll find a key to the basement. Don’t let the shelf on your way stop you, it’s movable. Right after you open the basement door be ready for a zombie attack. After that attack, well, there will be another. When you’re done with the zombies you’ll find the blueprint in the middle of the room. Good luck! 

Heavy Welder blueprint guide

Dying Light

There is a river to the north of the Northeast Highway Tunnel Safezone. Follow that river to the north until you see a building located off on the right side. Go to the back of this building. In a green chest, you’ll find the blueprint.  

Natural Medkit blueprint guide 

Dying Light

To the east of the Sports Court safe zone, the same which is to the north of the tower, there is a fishing village. There you’ll need to find a house to the northeast of the merchant building. When you enter the house you’ll find a lit-up room. Inside will be a guy on the bed and beside him a table near the door. Bingo!  

Dying Light

The other area in Dying Light is Old town that used to be a prospering city, where all the riches used to live. The player will see failed containment walls inside the Old Town from which the epidemic began, as the Old town was struck first from the Harran virus. 

List of the blueprint locations in Old Town: 

Dying Light
  • All-In-One
  • Angel Sword (Reward for the quest “Troll”)
  • BadAss
  • Cloud9
  • Cut’N’Go
  • Electrocutioner
  • Flame Blade
  • Flap Clap
  • Get Medieval
  • God Hammer
  • GTFO 2.0
  • Korek Machete 2.0 SHOW MAP
  • Poison Blast
  • Poison Strapon
  • Pyza Suit
  • Right hand of gloVA 1/4
  • Right hand of gloVA 2/4
  • Right hand of gloVA 3/4
  • Right hand of gloVA 4/4
  • Rooster
  • Stasis Field Projector
  • Strobe Knight
  • Toxic Reape

All-in-one blueprint guide

Dying Light

On the Old Town map, run to the far northwest corner. Find a tower in the area. In the back of the tower, there is a walkway. Get to the top of that tower. Guess what, there you’ll find a table with the blueprint on it. 

Badass blueprint guide

Dying Light

During Fan zone, the side quest Carne will go to the Fun zone building. This building is on the east of Embers’ Tower safe zone. To the west of the Fan zone building in the plaza area, climb the blue wall. It is on the south side. On the top of the wall, in a yellow box, you’ll find the blueprint.

Electrocutioner  blueprint guide

Dying Light

Almost a classical place for a blueprint. As you may have thought, you need to go to the top of a tower. It’s located to the southeast of the Harran University safe zone. Climb it and on the top of the tower, the blueprint will be waiting for you on a stack of pallets near one of the railings. This is the same tower with the “Tower Run” challenge and you’ll also have to go here to contact the GRE at the end of The Clinic story quest.

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God Hammer blueprint guide

Dying Light

Go to the northeast of South Old Town safe zone. Explore the apartment building during the Chasing Past side quest. The entrance is on the east side of the building. Crane will eventually get the keys to the basement. Then go inside of a locked room and fight a cannibal there. After a hot fight with cannibals, enter the room. On the workbench on the left, you’ll find the blueprint.

List of the blueprint  locations in Countryside

Dying Light
  • A Mysterious Blueprint
  • Bad Plug
  • Big Thunder
  • Chill Kill
  • Cobra Sting
  • Cold Cop
  • Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade
  • Depleter
  • Devil Stick
  • Dirty Tool
  • Dripping Edge
  • Electro Tool
  • Experimental Military Brakes Part
  • Experimental Military Engine Part
  • Experimental Military Suspension Part
  • Experimental Military Traction Part
  • Experimental Military Turbo Part
  • Exsanguinate
  • Flame Stabber
  • Frostbite
  • Gas Station
  • Hemorrhage
  • Heavy Venom
  • Helluva Homerun
  • Hot Swing
  • Ice Cream
  • Iceberg
  • Magma Edge
  • Nailer
  • Origami 101
  • Phlebotomizer
  • Portable Charger
  • Roast Blast
  • Scorching Summer
  • Stiff Stick
  • Super Molotov
  • Supernova
  • Timmy’s Ballet Grenade
  • Tolga’s Folly
  • Twilight Phantom

Blueprint location in Antenna

Dying Light

To return to the Antenna area from the Slums, go to the Northeast Highway Tunnel safe zone, where you’ll find the door on the left side of the tunnel, enter it. Afterward, go through the tunnel down the corridor to reach it. Once you step out of the tunnel, swim out to the east of the Antenna area and find the crashed helicopter that is underwater. You’ll notice a yellow cloudy section in front of the helicopter that will take damage from Crane if you enter it. 

You’ll find a partially open crate in that area. The blueprint is inside. You’ll be taking damage the entire time you open the crate, so make sure to be at full health while swimming into the area of the crate. If you use survivor sense while above the cloudy area, you will be able to see the location of the blueprint in the crate.

To sum up

In total, there are 264 blueprints available in the Dying Light with all its DLCs at the time of this writing. Therefore, you have every chance to collect for yourself the exact set of equipment that will allow you to have fun.

Besides, you can create your rating of the best weapons and upgrades, which will suit your tastes and preferences. Use a map of locations with blueprints in Dying Light to quickly find what you want, or explore the area yourself.

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