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EA Play Live 2020: Everything We Know Now

You probably know about the main gaming exhibition E3, canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And now many companies announced their own digital events, for example, Ubisoft and Microsoft. Some major specialized publications also decided to hold a variety of shows. In June, IGN, GamesRadar, and GameSpot host their events. They promise the viewers game announcements, interesting materials, and a sense of celebration, as during E3!

Another gaming giant, Electronic Arts, has announced the date and time of its own show, called EA Play Live 2020. EA Play Live 2020 will be held exclusively in online mode. The company will present some of the upcoming games and make some unexpected announcements for gamers. It will begin on June 12 and replace the company’s presentation at the canceled E3 2020 exhibition. You can watch the broadcast on the website and through various streaming platforms.

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EA promises fucking awesome world premieres, news, and more. Among the announced projects without fail, there will be several sports simulators, including FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21, and NHL 21. Also, according to rumors, the company may announce the launch of a new sports game. News is also expected regarding the “small but unusual” game in the Star Wars universe from EA Motive and the new Battlefield for next-generation consoles. Of course, this is far from all the information baggage that the industry giant will throw on the players who are bored in self-isolation, but they will be able to learn more only closer to the beginning of the event.

Electronic Arts plans to release many games in the coming fiscal year ‒ 14 at once.

Along with this, the publisher plans to further focus on its service titles, including the Apex Legends shooter, The Sims 4 life simulator, and the EA Access platform. The leadership is going to achieve future success by reaching as a wider audience as possible in all directions.

“In the coming year, we plan to further expand our community on all platforms at once. Starting with the partnership with Google Stadia announced last week, our games will soon become even more accessible. One of the steps in this direction will be the launch of EA Access on Steam,” said Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson.

As for the 14 announced games, one of them is rumored to be a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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Four more projects are the part of the sports series, FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21, NHL 21, and one unknown title, which, possibly, will be the new release of the UFC mixed martial arts simulator.

Following are the re-releases of the arcade race Burnout Paradise Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, and the Command & Conquer Remastered strategy for the PC. EA is also preparing one title for VR devices ‒ the shooter Medal of Honor VR. 

Nothing particular, so they can show anything. For example, the full-fledged announcement of Dragon Age 4, Battlefield 6, to which all divisions of DICE or Anthem 2.0 are switched. All of this you can read on EA Anthem twitter. Would you like to pass the last wishes Dragon Age again? Or meet your favorite character, Cullen?

The next four titles will be based on existing IPs. Returning to the report for the second quarter, EA says that they are waiting for remasters of fan-favorite games. At the same time, the company mentioned that projects from Motive, DICE, Bioware, and Criterion, which might be related to familiar franchises, were under development.

The next part of the Battlefield series should also appear in 2021, but it’s not yet clear at what stage of development the shooter is. DICE has just recently stopped supporting Battlefield V and Star Wars: Battlefront II to focus on the new project.

Also, here is some interesting fact: Ubisoft has registered the domain. If this is not a piece of evidence that the publisher is preparing a release to continue (or reboot) the cult series, then what can be called evidence? However, some representatives of Yubi can easily say that they registered the domain just in case. But we hope it’s not true.

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