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FIFA 20 Guide For The Beginners

FIFA 20 is the most popular sports simulator at the moment. There are many FIFA 20 news and even many professional soccer players like to play this game. But in addition to its popularity, it is also quite hard to play. Yes, even a beginner can play several matches and win, but this is not the exact difficulty. The game has many various modes that differ from each other. And I think it will be interesting for you not just to run around the field with the ball, but to do cool feints, use celebrations, circle the team with one player, etc.

To play at a sufficient level, you must first learn as a fucking nerd. Different modes in the game exist for various purposes. In any case, you will find what you like the most.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

First, you need to learn basic movements. This you can easily find on the official Electronic Arts website about FIFA 20 news or in the settings of the game itself.

The basic controls on FIFA 20 are quite simple to get to grips with. Using the default layout in the attack, X is a short pass, Circle is a shot, Square is a long pass and Triangle is through a ball on PS4. On Xbox, A is a short pass, B is a shoot, X is a long pass and Y is through a ball. Knowing just these four options is enough to score and win matches, especially on the lower difficulty levels against computer-controlled opponents.

Defending is similar, as you can get by using just four basic control options: X / A for containing, Circle / B for standing tackle, Square / X for sliding tackle and L1 / LB or right stick to switch player. Tackling at the right time and being able to switch players properly are the two most important aspects of defending that allow you to stop most goals, even on hard difficulty levels and playing online.

But the best way to learn faster is to move on to practice!

The 4 main FIFA 20 modes are Volta, Career, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), Kick Off.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

We will talk about game modes in detail.

VOLTA Football

The Volta game mode is perhaps the biggest addition to the EA Sports series of football games. This is a kind of another game in the style of FIFA Street with small stadiums, small teams, and many tricks. Volta, in fact, is not a separate mode, but permeates the entire game, appearing in different types of games, including single-player mode and multiplayer game.

Volta mode is more than a simplified version of a regular game. You have to learn a new set of rules, master another control system, and also open a long list of accessories for your character.

Game Rules: How To Play Street Football in Volta Mode

There is no single format in Volta: you will play matches in 3-on-3, 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 rosters on venues of various sizes. On some of them, there are walls from which you can hit the ball, while on others the borders are indicated by white lines on the floor.

The full list:

• 3-on-3, Rush (without a goalkeeper, small goal);

• 4-on-4, Rush (without a goalkeeper, small goal);

• 4-on-4, Street (with goalkeeper, large goal);

• 5-on-5, Street (with goalkeeper, large goal);

• 5-for-5, Futsal (large goal, another set of rules).

Depending on the set of rules of the tournament, matches are either fights for a time of three minutes per half, or they are played until one team scores the required number of goals. In Street and Futsal games, if it comes to a draw, extra time (one minute) is included. If the winner is not identified by this deadline, then it comes to a penalty. 

You cannot do tackles, but fouls are still there. In games like Rush, there is no penalty, and after fouls near the goal, you continue the game a little further on the court. Also, there are no corners: if the opponent knocks the ball out of the goal, you just get it next to the goalkeeper.

Futsal’s rules are a bit different. The free ones are played the same way as in big football, and you will hit on goal from the penalty area according to the same system as in FIFA 20. Penalties are given for multiple violations: after you break the rules five times, the opponent will be able to hit from the point after every next foul. The counter is reset to zero at the end of the half.

Volta Control in FIFA 20

You can control players in FIFA 20 in the same way as in the main game, except for several important changes. The first is that tricks are simplified. To make a feint, simply hold the left and right triggers and point the left stick in any direction. Your players’ performance of tricks depends on the level of his skill. You can perform feints as usual with the right stick, however, you can arrange an enchanting spectacle without having to memorize complex combinations thanks to the new system.

Feints are also simplified in the Volta Football mode. You just need to click on the right stick and select the direction of the left. Depending on the skill level of the selected player, you will perform one of the arsenals of cool feints (for example, throw the ball over the opponent’s head).

fifa 20 guide for beginners

The coolest thing is that the game mechanics in Volta fundamentally deviate from the main FIFA ‒ completely different aspects of the game come to the fore. In street football, everything is built on the micro-control of the ball, the main thing is dribbling and passing over a very short distance. In three-on-three matches, the dynamics are totally mad: there are no outs, the ball hit the sides, and the players do some kind of crazy feints. By the way, there are no fewer tricks in the street mode than in any Mortal Kombat. It will be difficult to memorize all this, but it is necessary to win, and knowing cool feints makes it much easier. 

In modes with large gates and goalkeepers, kicks work the same as in the main game. However, in Rush mode matches, strikes are carried out manually, without help from the side of the game, in other words, the ball will fly exactly where you direct it.

Walkthrough Volta in FIFA 20: Team Growth and Player Development

Passing the Volta mode, you will increase the characteristics of the character you created, as well as hire new even better players in your team. The set of players is quite simple: after each victory, including the network game, you select one player of the opposing team to join you. If you do not have a place in the roster, you can remove someone. You can even hire real street football stars that appear in the game according to the plot.

As for your character, his statistics improve after each match. The better you play, the faster your stats grow! Their archetype is determined by the growth and shape of the body that you selected in the editor. Small and thin players are usually faster, and large ones defend well. Skill points are earned during matches, and when you get enough, you can change your characteristics.

The skill tree has three main branches ‒ for an attack, for midfield, and defense. You need to open skills sequentially, moving down each branch. You can change the character’s specialization at any time and spend points in any other sequence if you want.

Tips for Playing Volta: How to Win the Match

Playing Volta, it seems that you need to re-learn the rules and management. The pace of the game is faster, space is more limited, and the position is important as never before. Here are some tips to help you get into a new rhythm faster:

– Memorize some of your favorite tricks. The new system of “fast feints” is good in theory, but these tricks are not so useful as those in the main game. Pay attention to ball control.

– Don’t play too hard. Your players will often feint and perform beautiful tricks. Much greater importance is the knowledge of the basics. Do not try to take the ball away unless you are sure you’ll receive it. It’s better to just crush the enemy than let him run past you.

– Take your time. Probably your opponent will think a few steps ahead, and they will know what pass you want to make. Hold the ball and force them to act first. Also, an effective tactic is dribbling with the help of an analog stick, simultaneously turning to the sides. Opponents will expect steep feints and will not dare to get close.

– Do not touch the goalkeeper. In Volta mode, they make tackles for players when leaving the frame.

– Do not change tactics until the end of the game. If you go on the attack, you will open in defense. Even if you lose three goals, do not worry, here in Volta, you can quickly recoup. We played in matches where both teams scored more than ten goals, so no panic, dude.

Career Mode in FIFA 20

Career mode is also one of the most popular in the FIFA 20. The player has the opportunity to play the role of a manager and take on the burden of team development. Also, you have the opportunity to develop the career of one of the players. In this version, new tactical schemes, extended press conferences, and animations of the Champions League were added. Besides, you can now witness the award ceremonies.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

The manager career is a single-player mode where you have to deal with almost everything ‒ setting up a team, selling players, developing young players and even selling t-shirts. Before you start your career as a manager, you can decide whether you want to take a post right away in a strong club and create a real dream team or start with a weaker one and gradually climb the stairs.

Player’s career allows you to lead him to become a true legend. It’s interesting that during the career of a player you can retire and take the position of a team manager.

In FIFA 20 as a manager, you get the opportunity to create a club following your vision and philosophy and lead it to victories in major football tournaments in the most realistic career mode to date.

From creating a selection network to managing the mood of your players ‒ we will share tips and tricks on how to start building a club that will dominate for many years.


The long-term success of your club depends on a good scout service, which will allow you to find both experienced and young players for your team.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

To create a selection network, go to the World Transfer Network from the Transfers tab in the career mode menu. You can ask up to six directions to your scouts regarding the various roles and characteristics of the players you need. Then your scouts will go to search for players that match your criteria in the specified regions and will prepare reports on potential candidates for you.

In total, your club can work up to six scouts; the more scouts, the wider the coverage area of ​​the breeding network and the more candidates you can watch. The higher the rating of experience and scout decision-making, the higher the quality of the players he will find.

A detailed study of the player will allow you to find out its value and price tag before starting negotiations.


The fastest way to strengthen your team in career mode is to buy players in the transfer market.

To sign up a player, add him to the list of interests in scout reports or simply find the player by name and add him to the Transfer Center. Then start negotiations with the club and the player. If a player is added to the list of interests, you will be able to receive a notification if another team shows interest in him.

Do not forget to keep track of players whose contract is about to expire ‒ transfer can be much cheaper!

If you don’t have enough money, you can sell players you do not need and replenish the transfer and salary budget.


Training allows you to develop players without compromising your budget. You can train up to five players in skill development games that increase a player’s performance depending on the outcome of the training.

To fully reveal the potential of players and increase their transfer value, use all the opportunities for training. Training at the highest levels of difficulty allows players to get the maximum increase in performance. Also, to get the maximum workout rating, you can repeat each skill development game three times.

Train as often as possible young, high-potential players to take advantage of the player’s rapid development early in the career.

Player Attitude

Player attitudes are a FIFA 20 new career feature. Attitude depends on a combination of certain factors, including:

– How much playing time a player receives regarding his role in the roster.

The amount of playing time expected by a player directly depends on his role in the roster. If a player plays less than his intended, his mood drops.

– Salary and remaining player contract time.

Keep track of the players who have one year left, as well as those who are not satisfied with the salary, and agree on new conditions.

– Player conversations with the coach.

Do not forget to answer questions and requests from players. If you encourage or praise a player, his mood will improve.

– Your answers to questions during press conferences.

Your answers can both positively and negatively affect the mood of the players, so carefully choose the answer when communicating with the press.

In the Lineup Center, you can find out what negatively affects the players’ mood. For your players to work to the limit, solve problems, raise the mood of dissatisfied athletes, answering their requests and questions, praise them at press conferences.

FUT Beginner’s Guide and Tips 

FIFA Ultimate Team 20 is not only a way for EA to make money, but it can also scare any beginner who dares to start playing this mode. Here is a little guide for you.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

Complete All Initial Tasks

If you delete your team, then any Launch goal you may have completed is not reset, this means it has disappeared forever along with any rewards that you may have received for completing it. So stay tuned for the prize here, Starter Objectives is a great way to collect packages and cash to help strengthen your team, and the more you do, the more you get. It is also worth keeping track of daily and weekly goals.

Don`t Use Acceleration Constantly

This is the mistake I made at the very beginning, not thinking about the consequences. If you use accelerated running everywhere, believe me, you will have more trouble than good. You may be able to get away with this in career mode if you play at lower difficulty levels, but if you try to do it in FIFA ultimate team 20, you’ll not only be behind more often, but your players’ strengths will end by 60-70 minutes.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

Feel Free To Play On Lower Difficulty

I admit that by playing at lower difficulty levels you will not become a “Super Cool Player”, but if you are just starting and want to make some money at FIFA, there is nothing wrong with that. This is more aimed at earning coins. Before you raise your pitchforks, I’d also like to add that if you play a single-player namely in this mode, you should play the first time, then you will have to improve as you progress through the league, as the teams you encounter become much stronger.

Know Your Buttons

It would seem that everything is obvious, yes, just knowing your buttons is the best way to make sure that you are not on the verge of collapse. For example, defending the ball gives you time to attract other players to the attack, every right hit brings you coins, and every foul you make costs money, and every hit on the goal does the same, and the more goals you score, the greater your reward. Besides, do not be afraid to score vile goals. This is frowned upon by some FIFA players, but if you are one on one with the goalkeeper and you have support in the penalty box, then why not give him a pass and score an empty goal ‒ this is better than seeing the goalkeeper’s incredible salvation.

Keep Fit

You need to keep your form in FIFA, otherwise, the opposing teams will win. Learn to restrain the attackers, and immerse yourself in the fight, only if you are 100% sure that you can take the ball. Otherwise, you will leave more holes in your lines, and this will end badly for you.

Don`t Play Online If You Are Not Ready

I know how tempting you want to bring your team into a match with another person, but if you are not ready for this, this will not end with anything good. I made a mistake by looking at my team, seeing several gold and silver players, I thought I could handle it. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if you lose 10-0 in the end. If you do not want such things to happen to you, then make sure that you have enough experience to at least impose a fight on your opponent.

Use Supplies

We are talking about obvious things again, but consumables are your friend who can make your game a lot easier, for example, retaining the team leader. Also, pay attention to position modifiers. It makes no sense to play 4-3-3 if, for example, you have only attacking midfielders, as this affects the chemistry. Just take your modifier from the transfer market or the deck and turn this player into the player you need.

Transfer Market is The Best Place To Buy Players

It is very tempting to spend 7,500 coins in the Premium Gold package from the store if you do not have a chance to find the perfect player to replace the useless bronze central midfielder, but the bottom line is that you hope for luck to get the exact position that you need to fill. Usually, the game knows what you are looking for, and tries not to give you such a player. 

Instead, go to the transfer market, set a maximum buy limit, usually 250-400, and make a deal to strengthen your team. And vice versa, if you want to remove a player you don’t want to be in the team, you can put him on the sales list and hope that you are lucky, but in FIFA some players have been doing this for much longer than you and know how to make money on it. 

My advice is here to sell players fast. This may not bring you much money, but since the whole point of FIFA ultimate team 20 is to make money to improve your lot, each coin is in the account.

Be Sure To Use Legends

fifa 20 guide for beginners

Legends are not cheap, but if you managed to get them honestly, you need to keep legends in your team for as long as possible. This means that you need to throw fitness supplies to them on the left, right and in the center, which can be expensive if you have to buy them on the transfer market, but it’s worth it. These players change the entire composition of your team, automatically increasing your chemistry between players. They are also the best of the best and can make you feel like a football God when you step along the field with them, scoring goals.


fifa 20 guide for beginners

The mode allows you to play quick matches offline with FIFA 20 new teams controlled by a computer or other player. You can play with all the available teams and clubs. Here you can fully customize the game. Any existed gameplay options are available. By choosing this mode, the player can create a series of rules that will be applied during the match. There are many options for rules, so everyone will find something for themselves. We distinguish between the following options:

fifa 20 guide for beginners

– Long shots ‒ all goals scored outside the penalty line are counted twice.

– Survival ‒ every time a team scores a goal, one random player will be removed. Each team can lose a total of 4 players. Moreover, each team can receive a maximum of two red cards. The next red card ends in defeat.

– Air Goals ‒ only goals are scored when the ball has not touched the ground. Goals from free-kicks also count.

– Up to “X” goals ‒ the player can set the required number of goals to win the game. For example, here you can set a golden goal rule or race up to 3 goals. If the required number of goals is not scored within 90 minutes, extra time will be added. If this does not help, there will be a penalty shootout.

– There are no rules ‒ no whistles, fouls or offsides. Players also cannot receive any cards.

Champions League

Additional mode. By choosing this mode, the player will be able to take part in international, European, club tournaments and compete for the UEFA Champions League Cup. The Champions League tournament consists of two stages.

Group stage. 32 teams play in 8 groups, 4 in each group. All FIFA 20 new teams play each other twice. From each group, 2 teams with the most points will be selected.

Stage PlayOff. The teams of this pair play with each other twice ‒ once as the owner, and once as a guest. Only two teams will go to the finals.


Choosing a FIFA 20 tournament mode, players can take part in tournaments, creating them. For example, a player will have the opportunity to play matches in the Bundesliga, Premier League or La Liga. Women’s cup games are also available.

Pro Clubs FIFA 20

Pro clubs is the online FIFA 20 mode ‒ you can create a virtual soccer player and play at a certain position on the field in matches with friends. One of the innovations of this year was a training match in which you can play against AI in many settings: choose the difficulty level, general rating, and tactics that will be used…

fifa 20 guide for beginners


Creating a player is a big part of the Pro Clubs. In FIFA 20, there will be a new system for this that will affect the entire game, including Pro Clubs mode.

fifa 20 guide for beginners

Virtual Player Progress

The characteristics of a virtual football player will grow depending on your score per match. Also, the player will receive skill points for acquiring talent. Participate in open matches ‒ either join a club or create your own to play for it and score points. Start with the 10th division and gradually move to the very top of the football world ‒ the 1st division.

You can easily find all the statistics of your club: the total number of victories and defeats, the total number of goals and the number of seasons spent; besides, you can follow the progress on the club review page. Show off your club to friends and rivals on the Internet ‒ copy and publish the link to the squad. Look for other clubs and players in the “Best Clubs” section or look for clubs directly. You can see the composition and other important information about any Pro Club in FIFA 20. Also, you can see the history of your last matches and statistics of both the club and each participant in the game. 

This is all you need to know about the main modes in the FIFA 20. I hope this information will help you not to be a noob, everything else depends on you!

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