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FIFA 21: Fails, Bugs, and Glitches Full Collection

The more you play FIFA 21, the more fails, bugs, and glitches you find in the game. For 2 months since the release of the new installment of the EA Sports football simulator, we have compiled a complete list of issues, funny and not so much. We invite you to laugh with us at this game or get angry with its developers who have not fixed old fails but added new ones.

Laws of Physics

Before each FIFA installment release, EA brags about significant game improvement. So it would be curious to hear the answer of the developers to the question of why such bullshit is possible.

The players jump like the characters of Super Mario – but this performance has nothing to do with football. Or they can even fly away – just like in this video.

They also show the wonders of stretching as if it were not a football game but a gymnast’s performance.

fifa 21 fails bugs

The laws of physics in FIFA do not work not only for football players but also, for example, metals. The gate literally folds in half from the ball hit. Yes, the kicks of some players are strong, but not that much.

fifa 21 fails bugs

The trajectory of the ball in the game is another topic for conversation. The balls fly off with great force after saves and battles. And not only the balls fly off, but the players too.

There are a lot of similar examples of “crazy realism” in FIFA 21. And if you haven’t faced anything like this yet, then you’re just lucky.

Unrealistic Realism

For a game that should be realistic, it has too much discrepancy with realism.

The new stadiums with the possibility of full customization are really surprising, but not in a good way. In some arenas, there is a total overkill in their size, colors, and fan performances.

fifa 21 fails bugs

It seems that EA is trying to compensate for the crisis of ideas with some additional tinsel, which does not really change anything.

There is a lot of reality discrepancy in the Career Mode, especially in the transfer system. For example, the prices of the young stars’ buyouts are just pennies in comparison with those that are in reality.

The schedule of the first season in the Career Mode does not correspond to reality. For example, in reality, the Champions League qualifying phase ended only at the end of September, and the first round in the Career is already in mid-September.

Dynamic Difficulty

One of the main problems of this game is that the developers are trying to add a balance between strong and weak players by introducing dynamic difficulty.

For example, you score an early goal before the 5th minute, and the script may turn on, and then the whole match goes to hell. Your players become slow, and your opponent is moving at supersonic speed. Or you score two goals before the 30 minute, and you see again the same script. And there are a lot of such examples.

Player Faces

EA doesn’t change photos on some player’s card for 6 years. Nobody asks them to make game faces for everybody without exception – although it would be cool. But at least sometimes they should update photos on cards. Even if we are talking about not very famous footballers.

As an example, here is a couple of players whose photos have not changed since FIFA 15. Macedonian defender of Sporting Stefan Ristovski still has a photo on the card of the times when he played for Parma. Since 2017, he has been playing for the Lisbon club and already looks much more severe. But EA didn’t bother to change it.

fifa 21 fails bugs

Another guy with the same photo for 6 years is Ferhan Hasani. And what is interesting – he is also Macedonian. Hasani has this photo since the days of his performances for Brøndby.

fifa 21 fails bugs

Since then, the dude has already played for Shkëndija, then for the Saudi Al-Ra’ed and now he plays for HJK, but he has the same photo in FIFA.

Commentator Bugs

Constancy is good. But not when it comes to old bugs. Yes, some of them have moved to FIFA 21 from the old installment of the game. Including the commentator bugs.

In Сup matches, the commentator mixes up the home stadium with the away one. He also gets confused about who won and who lost last time.

Or here’s a situation: you win with an 8-0 score, concede one goal, and a commentator announces an 8-2 score. Interesting math.

One more curious commentator bug – he never announces the names of some football clubs. Among them, for example, the English club Barrow. And this already looks like discrimination.

Other Bugs and Glitches

In addition to the general issues in the game, there are also some specific bugs and glitches. Looking for something new in Ultimate Team Mode? Here’s some FUT news for you: there is a glitch in the game, due to which, for any outcome, a defeat in the match will be counted.

The bug occurs if the user makes a substitution immediately after the opponent has scored a goal. Due to a programming error, the system will in any case consider that the match is lost, regardless of the final score.

You may also face another problem: the match just does not start – there is a pre-match training session that never ends. The only way out is to restart the game.

Sometimes football players take the form of some weird stuff. Like this.

fifa 21 fails bugs

Connection Issues

Connection problems became a usual thing in FIFA 21. Because of this, users are often unable to load the game at all. And even if they manage, then everything works very slowly. And this is really annoying.

These are not specific cases – it is clearly not someone’s slow internet or server overload at certain hours. And everybody faces them – users of the EA Sports web app as well as those who play on consoles.

fifa 21 fails bugs

After numerous complaints, EA added a new server in Miami. It should help players from the Southeastern US, Central America, and the Northern part of South America. But even after that, users continue to report connection problems.

fifa 21 fails bugs

Summing up, we can say that these are exactly the reasons why FIFA 21, along with NBA 2K21, became the worst game of 2020 according to users’ score on the Metacritic website.

fifa 21 fails bugs

The main players’ complaints about FIFA 21 are that the new installment of the football simulator is practically no different from the previous one, and the gameplay is an arcade and has a lot of bugs.

Similar reviews about FIFA 21 you can find on Reddit. Here’s what the r/FIFA community members write:

fifa 21 fails bugs

Players also share videos that show bugs and glitches in the game.

So let’s make it clear – if you haven’t spent money on FIFA 21 yet, better don’t do it.

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