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Grand Theft Auto 6: What Do We Know About It?

Grand Theft Auto is certainly one of the hugest videogame franchises in the world. According to PC Gamer, Rockstar sold over 109 million copies of GTA 5. And when the game became free for a week on the Epic Games Store, the influx of gamers brought down the GTA Online server network for almost a day.

Millions of players are anxiously anticipating the release of the new part of their favorite game. But this year GTA 6 is very unlikely to happen. Rockstar is expected to release the debut trailer for the game in 2021. But, given the fact that the game has not even been officially announced yet, the reputability of this information can be questioned as well.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Considering that the latest high-profile games from Rockstar come out every couple of years or so, the release as big as GTA 6 needs certainly a bit more time to finish and polish. And while tons of profitable microtransactions and DLCs are keeping the company afloat and going, the creation and loud release of the next chapter of the GTA saga is inevitable.

GTA 6 Release Rumors and Other Buzz

GTA 6 is right now quite actively discussed online. The problem is, there is so much info that it’s sometimes hard to make out reasonable opinions and facts among all the hype talk. 

Possible date of release

It was initially rumored that GTA 6 release date is 2017. But making shallow statements that aren’t backed up by any facts is always a long shot so we can only place a blind bet on the year of the release in a not-so-distant future.

And as for an insight-driven prediction, Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar, is planning a significant increase in ad spend in 2024 ‒ about $90 million. It is unlikely that such costs can go to something smaller than Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar is also busy bringing GTA 5 to the next generation console software environment. And there is still GTA Online to support and maintain, for which a big content update is planned to be released in 2021. All in all, the guys at Rockstar have enough business to handle on their plate, but a huge chunk of it is GTA-focused, which should only pump up our anticipations.

A direct sequel to GTA 5?

At one point, the mighty web was swept by a rumor that the new part of the game could quite possibly be a direct sequel to the previous one, with the same heroes, set in the beloved Los Santos. But, as much as many game fans would love to see exactly that in the new game, none of the official representatives of Rockstar have confirmed this information.

What is the new scene of action?

In which city will the new GTA take place this time? Several assumptions about the upcoming GTA 6 map are circulating on the net. Some were considered by the developers themselves, others were suggested by fans. Unexpectedly, there is information that a new part of the game may be located in Tokyo. Even some Rockstar employees were spotted there.

When asked if Vice City could be the next location for the game, staff responded that “Anything is possible.”

As for other fan versions, we can highlight the opinion that the next location for the game may be some unseen in the nextgen areas of San Andreas, namely Las Venturas and San Fierro. It has also been speculated that the developers could merge all the previous maps in the series together.

And there were rumors that London could become the map of the sixth part, but it was dispelled by the representatives of Rockstar. According to them, they would like to create a game based on certain British locations, although adding that it would not be Grand Theft Auto.

The updated domain

Some Reddit users noticed that in March 2020, the domain stopped redirecting to the Rockstar site, displaying an error. This only suggests that Rockstar is preparing to use this address for its intended purpose.

Will there be GTA 6 Online?

Grand Theft Auto Online is constantly updated ‒ the developers add more and more new content, events, and activities for online players. Considering that GTA 4, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption, and Red Dead Redemption 2 all had online servers, online support should be expected in the new GTA part as well.

GTA 6 for PC?

Previously, PC versions of Rockstar games were not entirely stable, but the high popularity of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC was a good reason for developers to take the platform seriously.

Rockstar released the rockstar games launcher on PC in 2019, which indicates the studio’s seriousness in releasing games on this platform.

But it’s worth remembering that GTA 5 was released on PC only a year and a half after the initial release, and Red Dead Redemption 2 ‒ a year later. This means that in the case of Grand Theft Auto 6, you should not expect it to be released on PC less than a year after the console launch.

Other rumors

With regards to GTA 6 latest news, there were deliberately false rumors about the game expected by millions. Some sources announced the release of GTA 6 in 2021-2022. And yet, according to rumors, the game was supposed to take place in locations between Vice City and South America. Other rumors were that the game would take place in 1960s London and time travel would be involved.

Grand Theft Auto 6

There were also talks about several cities united by a vast territory. In this version, the player would start as a petty con man and end up as a drug lord.

There was also speculation that GTA 6 has a pre-release title Project Americas, and will take place in Vice City and the city, the prototype of which is Rio de Janeiro. The action should take place in the 1970s-1980s, and the main character will be involved in the drug trade.

But, unfortunately, there is still no confirmation of this information from the official representatives of the company. Neither GTA 6 pictures, nor plot details, nor even the title have leaked to the network.

Bottom Line

These are the most exciting rumors about the upcoming hit from Rockstar ‒ Grand Theft Auto 6. Since there is almost no confirmed release information, it is impossible to say something about the GTA future for sure. When the game will be released, what the gameplay will be like, and who will be the main character ‒ we are keeping the hand on the pulse 24/7 to deliver you the latest info as soon as something pops up.

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