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GTA 5 Weed Farm: Raid or Make A Business?

All-time classic GTA with a glimpse of Biker’s spirit. Jokes aside, growing GTA weed farm can bring you a lot of profit. It’s one of the five businesses you can run. In this article, you’ll find how to grow a weed farm in GTA online and how to choose the best weed farm location. Last but not least, how much cash will it bring. 

Weed Farm in GTA Online: Full Guide

gta 5 weed farm

Let’s start at the very beginning. To be able to grow a weed farm in GTA online, you must first gain some experience. When you start in Los Santos with a gun and nearly dead car, you ain’t nowhere near opening the weed business. But as long as you persistently complete more missions, not only will your respect grow, but so will your bank account. The more cash you have, the more opportunities open up. In GTA Online you can choose from cocaine to weed. Check how it works below. 

GTA 5 weed farm guide: How they work

There are a couple of starting points here. Most definitely you must get yourself an MC (motorcycle club). Without it, no drug empire is possible in the game. For this, you should find a clubhouse. Their prices start from $200,000 and they can be found on the Maze Bank Foreclosures site on the in-game web. After you purchase the clubhouse a new level of awesomeness enters.

Buy a Grow House

Simple as that, to grow your GTA V weed farm you need to have the place. In the beginning, it will look like this: 

gta 5 weed farm
gta 5 weed farm

You can buy the Grow House using the laptop in the clubhouse. It’s located in the office of the owner (you). 

gta 5 weed farm

The laptop on the picture above will give you access to the open road admin site. There you’ll find everything to start your weed farm. There you’ll find all the needed equipment and supplies to start growing your GTA online weed and get that farm money in no time. 

gta 5 weed farm

Find the smoke on the water Van

Once you are in, you’ll automatically start a free mission in which you’ll be collecting the van and you’ll be locating the needed equipment. All the equipment you’ll find will be free.

gta 5 weed farm

But after the business is up and running you’ll have to take that equipment you’ve got sent out for back to wherever your business is. Then drop it off and go inside your business. 

Upgrade your business 

There are different upgrades you can purchase. By improving your business you are making it less vulnerable to various attacks from gangs, police raid, or other kinds of rivals that are in the lobby. 

Besides the upgrades, you can also purchase supplies. Logically enough you need them to continue the progress of production. In the best traditions of GTA, you can steal the supplies. Still, if you choose to purchase the supplies, you’ll need from around $15,000 up to $85,000. Nevertheless, stealing is also an option, because the stealing mission isn’t that hard. You choose. 

The awesome thing is that you need to invest only in purchasing the business and with the time you have like three upgrades. The rest can be found free. The first one is an equipment upgrade. It will install higher quality equipment with which you’ll get a faster production process and сonsequently a higher amount of money. Plus you’ll need fewer supplies for the whole business. 

gta 5 weed farm

The second upgrade is The Stuff Upgrade which costs $73,000. It will increase the quantity of your staff and give you more product in a shorter period. 

The third and most important one is the security upgrade. Don’t get your pockets tight, because it will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. It costs $313,000, but it’s worth it. 

GTA V: How much money you can make?

Now that you know all the details on starting the GTA online farm let’s check how much profit can it bring. Before going for the numbers, note that the only money you invest in the weed business is when you buy it and when you upgrade it. All the supplies can be found free. This already makes it quite profitable. 

Stealing from other MCs

In the game, you have the option to steal cargo from other MC. This could be risky, but when you get that security upgrade, only the cops can raid you, about which you’ll find a bit further. Stealing cargo from other businesses brings you free supplies and additional products. This way the weed farm payout will be visible faster. 

Selling the business 

In the low end, you’ll be able to sell your business for $169,000. The high-end one is around $294,000, which is the amount of money you’ll be making every time the full production circle will be done. The timeframe to fill an entire warehouse starts from 2h up to 3,5h. 

gta 5 weed farm

While your business is working you can go out and make some money. There are a ton of different challenges that you can complete with your friends and enjoy the gameplay. 

Raiding The Weed Farm!

If you’re willing to take it raid style, you should know a couple of tips. A weed farm raid is a Random event. It’s located in the eastern section of  Mount Chiliad. 

How to trigger the Weed Farm Raid?

You need to do the mission as Trevor. Note that weed farms are available only on Thursdays during the daytime. When you enter the farm, there will be a gang of six people. You’ll need to eliminate them and jump over the fence. 

How much can you get from raiding a weed farm in GTA V?

Amounts start from around $60,000. 

Final words

Hope this guide was helpful for you! Make sure to keep your drug empire-building skills inside the game. With this said, grow your weed farm in GTA online and share your progress with us. 

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