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How To Open Console in CS: GO. Main Commands

Counter-Strike is an unusual shooter, and not only in terms of the extreme simplicity of the gameplay, thanks to which everyone can start playing it and have fun, even without any experience. Another important feature of the game is that the standard settings menu is so fucking useless that most of the parameters have to be set using the console in CS: GO.

Many experienced users know how significant the console is in CS: GO. It is hardly possible to cite as an example any other shooter in which the console CS: GO commands would be so important since most of them have to be regularly prescribed before each match. 

However, many overestimate the importance of these CS: GO commands, focusing on their use, and considering too high their influence on the victory. Nevertheless, the console in CS: GO is a tool that allows you to make the gameplay as comfortable as possible. So, in this guide we will show you how to open the console in CS: GO in two ways.

The first way is to enable the console in the game itself:

1. Open Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

2. Go to “Settings”, and then to “Game Settings”.

3. Then we need to find “Enable Developer Console (~)”.

4. Change the value from “No” to “Yes”.

Done! To activate the console command, press “~” (according to the standard settings).

The second way is to enable the console through the launch options:

1. Go to the games library on Steam.

2. Right-click on CS: GO and open Properties.

3. Find “Set launch options …” on the first tab. 

4. Write “console” and click OK in the window that appears. 

Done! Now you need to go into CS: GO or restart the game.

And now here are the main CS: GO console commands:

How to Kick Bots in CS: GO

bot_kick ‒ your answer on how to remove bots in CS: GO;

bot_add_ct ‒ add a new CT AI player;

bot_add_t ‒ add a new AI player for the Terrorists.

How to Show fps in CS: GO

net_graph 3 ‒ constantly shows the number of frames per second;

fps_max 305 ‒ sets the maximum number of frames;

net_graph 1

how to open console on csgo

It is important to know several parameters. These include CS: GO fps command, var, ping, SV. They affect the gameplay and depend on the performance of your computer, as well as the speed of your Internet connection.

The console command net_graph_1 includes a line on your screen that displays key performance indicators. If the parameter is outside the normal range, it turns red. If everything is ok, then the color of the string remains unchanged. This command is in great demand. Even if the string catches your eye at the initial stage, then you will cease to notice it over time.

Also, using the console command net_graph_1, you can adapt the game settings, adjusting computer performance to the requirements of CS: GO.


how to open console on csgo

One of the new CS: GO console commands is to track the location and inventory of your teammates. Using the cl_show_team_equipment command makes it easier to track the movement of your teammates, facilitating interaction with them.

sv_cheats 1

Haha, you wanted to be a cheater? I won’t tell you anything about it. Such command sv_cheats 1 is a useful training move. It allows you to customize the training process for yourself. You can configure the grenade spread, turn on flights over the map, make yourself immortal, see the trajectory of fire and flight of grenades.

You can enable sv_cheats 1 only on your server. So you can’t use it in matchmaking or any other game mode, but you wanted to, am I right?


how to open console on csgo

You decided to review the demo of your game, but do not know the right command? The command demoui will enable the control panel to record your match. With its help, you can rewind the demo, change the speed of replay, or even finish it. This command is extremely useful for everyone who wants to get better in CS: GO.

Roughly speaking, with the demoui command, a universal demo control panel opens in front of you. It is a kind of video player in the game.

voice_enable 0

how to open console on csgo

Have you ever heard all these assholes in the game? There comes a moment when it becomes simply unbearable to hear the voices of these freaks. 

It is a very useful command in a game with annoying teammates. Tortured by toxic players, bad microphones, or just want to play solo? Enter the command voice_enable 0 in the console and enjoy the silence in voice chat. We especially recommend this command during a game in public, where spam and noise are commonplace. Well, you can re-enable the sound using the console command voice_enable 1.

In fact, there are ten times more console commands, I just limited the list to those that are most needed for a comfortable game. Still, if you don’t have anything to do during a pandemic, you can try all of them. Whatever you want to choose, I really don’t give a fuck.

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