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Metro Exodus Weapons Guide: Best Weapons & Combinations

Metro Exodus is generally focused on stealthy gameplay. The game allows the player to use the weapon only in the hottest and most difficult moments. Nevertheless, Metro is still a shooter, so the game has a sufficient number of weapons that lend itself to deep customization. It is about weapons in Metro: Exodus that will be discussed in this article. Read on to find out more.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Weapons List

There are nine main types of armor in the game. However, since each of them can be highly modified and, depending on the installed part, has different characteristics. It turns out that approximately 100-150 options are available to the player. Besides, throwing weapons is also available.

A player can carry three types of weapons simultaneously. One of them is always pneumatic, the other two are firearms. There is also a crossbow in the game. In all senses, this is a rather controversial thing, so its classification should be discussed separately.

Pistols and shotguns


 The base weapon produced at Metro is based on the Nagant revolver. Despite the low cost of production and popularity, it is very different in its positive qualities. The reliable obturation mechanism allows deep modification of the revolver. Therefore, the player can equip this gun with a silencer, all kinds of butts, a high-capacity cylinder, a long barrel, an optical sight, and other things. Due to a deep upgrade, the revolver can be turned into a light carbine with an optical sight.

Metro Exodus


  • reliability;
  • prevalence;
  • popular ammunition;
  • good bullet stopping action.


  • low capacity of the cylinder;
  • low rate of fire;
  • the power of the cartridge may not be enough to penetrate the enemy’s armor.


One-shot from Ashot is a popular expression among Metro players. The shotgun gained fame for a reason because at close range it is distinguished by colossal damage rate.

Metro Exodus

In the basic version, Ashot is a single-shot grape-shot pistol that is ubiquitous in the metro. The simplicity of the design allows for a low production cost as well as a high potential for modernization.

Weapon upgrades in Metro: Exodus allows you to attach stocks and barrels on Ashot, as well as additional equipment in the form of laser designators. Given the strong recoil and spread of buckshot, first of all, you need to find and install long barrels and stock on this gun. In this case, Ashot turns into a classic double-barreled shotgun, which can become a reliable companion for the entire game.

In its top form, Ashot is a four-barreled shotgun with a heavy grip, allowing you to instantly treat the enemy with a multiple shot (2+2). A very powerful argument against any mutant.


  • power;
  • cheapness;
  • compactness;
  • fast reload;
  • common ammunition.


  • in the barrel (barrels) only 1-4 rounds;
  • low efficiency at medium distances.


 If you’ve played Metro: Last Light, you’ve probably come across a weapon called Saiga-12. So Shambler is a close competitor to Saiga, which was designed by craftsmen from the subway.Metro Exodus

By design, it is a semi-automatic shotgun with a cylinder magazine like a revolver. In the basic version, a magazine for 3 cartridges is available. It is possible to install a cartridge box from a machine gun with a capacity of 20 cartridges. With such a store, the Shambler turns into an extremely dangerous weapon that is convenient for clearing corridors teeming with mutants.

However, given that the shooter with a shotgun must be mobile, a 10-round magazine is enough for Shambler. Optionally equip the Shambler with a heavy stock and heavy grip, reflex sight, and a Duckbill choke, and you have a great shotgun with little or no flaws.


  • firepower;
  • semi-automatic firing mode;
  • the ability to load one cartridge and immediately shoot (for cylinder magazines);
  • one of the best weapons in Metro 2033: Exodus;
  • common ammunition.


  • slow reload (for cylinder magazines);
  • the power of a single shot is lower in comparison with Ashot.

Automatic firearms


One of the weapons available to the player at the beginning of the game. The Bastard is a low-powered, artisanal submachine gun. Differs in simplicity, low cost, and low reliability. Barrel overheating and jamming are common with this weapon. Throw in a long reload and strong recoil and you can see why this gun got its name.

Metro Exodus

In its basic form, Bastard is extremely unstable. However, with the use of modifications, some of the disadvantages can be leveled. At the same time, it will remain the SMG that can jam at the most inopportune moment.


  • availability;
  • rate of fire;
  • common ammunition;
  • good accuracy when firing single shots;


  • low reliability;
  • strong impact;
  • weak damage;
  • low accuracy when firing bursts;
  • high ammunition consumption.


The Kalashnikov assault rifle, AK-103, or Kalash are versatile and reliable weapons that rightfully enjoy their fame. In the basic version, it does not differ in high firepower, but it is effective at any range of combat.

Metro Exodus

Since this gun lends itself to deep modification, it can be made from a compact assault rifle with a silencer, a light machine gun with a heavy barrel, or a marksman rifle with an optical sight.


  • reliability;
  • versatility;
  • fast reload;
  • ample opportunities for customization.


  • low accuracy when shooting at long distances;
  • cartridge power may not be enough against large mutants.


A bullpup assault rifle, an analog of the AK-2012 – weapons from Metro 2033: Redux and Last Light. It surpasses Kalash in accuracy and firepower but differs in a lower rate of fire and reliability. Otherwise, the Bulldog is an example of a good, but a somewhat specific weapon.

Metro Exodus


  • firepower;
  • accuracy;
  • ample opportunities for customization;
  • due to the low rate of fire, it is possible to conduct aimed fire at targets at medium and long distances.


  • rare weapon;
  • requires quality service;
  • since this gun is built according to the bullpup scheme, as the cartridges are consumed from the magazine, the balance of the weapon changes;
  • the complexity of the design, and, accordingly, lower reliability in comparison with the AK-103.

Gatling gun

It is a machine gun with three rotating barrels. A very powerful weapon chambered for 12.7×108 mm.

An excellent weapon for stationary firing points. Also great for clearing corridors filled with mutants or armored humans. Practically useless for a mobile shooter due to its heavy weight, low accuracy, and high ammunition consumption.

Metro Exodus


  • use of powerful cartridges with high penetration.


  • heavy weight;
  • low shooting accuracy;
  • fast consumption of rare ammunition;
  • the inability to make changes to the design of the weapon.

Sniper rifles


Of all the guns in Metro: Exodus, this is the only sniper rifle. The basic version is, in fact, a single-shot pistol. However, when you add a longer barrel, a heavy stock, a 10-round magazine, and a telescopic sight, you get a truly formidable weapon.

Metro Exodus


  • firepower;
  • bullet penetration – an armored shrimp male can be shot with two shots;
  • accuracy;
  • high efficiency at long range;
  • this weapon can be reloaded without looking up from the sight.


  • low rate of fire;
  • relatively rare ammunition;
  • strong kickback;
  • installing a silencer is only available in the “Sam’s Story” DLC.

Pneumatic weapon


For shooting, it requires constant pumping of a compressed air cylinder, which is fixed under the butt. Along with this, Tikhar is extremely unpretentious. Pump up the cylinder regularly with the hand pump built into the rifle, craft cheap bullets, and you can shoot almost continuously.

Metro Exodus


  • noiselessness;
  • the ability to conduct semi-automatic fire;
  • the ability to use incendiary ammunition;
  • relatively high firepower (with a full cylinder and at medium range);
  • due to its low cost, ammunition can be crafted in large quantities;


  • at medium and long distances, it is not always possible to kill an armored enemy with a single shot to the head;
  • low ballistic characteristics of the bullet;
  • the power of the shot depends on the pressure in the cylinder and gradually decreases.


Metro Exodus

The most specific weapon of all weapons in Metro 2033. In general, crossbows are classified as throwing weapons, however, since a modification of the pneumatic mechanism of cocking is available in the game, Helsing can be considered a pneumatic weapon.

The gun shoots metal bolts – improvised arrows without feathers. Very similar to the crossbow from the Half-Life games. Among the distinctive features: noiselessness and the possibility of reusing ammunition. Also, the crossbow is characterized by a low rate of fire, which is not so important for stealth attacks but can be a lethal argument against you in case of an alarm. For the same reason, this is ineffective against mutants.


  • noiselessness;
  • firepower;
  • the ability to reuse ammunition;
  • the possibility of using explosive ammunition.


  • low rate of fire;
  • rare ammunition;
  • the high capacity magazine holds only 8 bolts;
  • ballistics of the bolt’s flight requires skill when shooting at medium and long distances;
  • low efficiency against large concentrations of the enemy.

Best weapons in Metro Exodus

Because the guns in the game can be highly customized for any type of game, it is impossible to determine exactly which one will be the best. It all depends on your preferences, abilities, and what kind of combat tactics you prefer. Experiment with weapons and you will find one that suits your play style.

How to upgrade and customize your weapons

To be able to upgrade your gun, you first need to upgrade parts. You can take weapon components from the corpses of killed enemies, or simply climb into the most unusual places and find unique loot there.

Those parts that fit the weapon you are using at the moment can be attached immediately. If the loot does not fit your gun, it will be stored in your inventory. You can use it when you are at your workplace, on the Aurora, or if you find such a workplace somewhere in the locations.

If you are also interested in how to store weapons in Metro: Exodus, all of your guns are stored on the Aurora.

How to Clean your Weapons in Metro Exodus

As in real life, guns are exposed to various external influences during the game. Moisture, dust, dirt, snow – all this negatively affects the condition of your weapon. So remember to clean it regularly. You can do this at your workplace. If your gun is in poor condition, it will often seize and do reduced damage.


Even though there are not many weapons in Metro: Exodus, the wide customization options allow you to create exactly what suits you. Use weapons only in the most dangerous situations, and aim at the enemy’s vulnerable spots. Try to play stealthily and keep Artyom alive.

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