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The best Fortnite skins and how to get them

Fortnite is best known for the level of customization and always changing gameplay. The battle royale has to offer an enormous assortment of items you can choose from and collect. That’s the place where you can be the creator of your unique sense of style. That is one of the reasons for the ever-growing popularity of the game. Apart from the fact that it is still free. 

The most awesome outfits are super rare and exclusive. Consequently, you’ll need to do your work first and get yourself some V-Bucks. But players say that it’s a good cause for investment. There are also some limited edition variants like Love Ranger, for instance. Here you’ll find a super-detailed list of the Best skins in Fortnite, with ways of unlocking them. We hope you’ll get inspired and get yourself that long-awaited outfit. Enjoy!  

Brite Bomber

Fortnite skins

Despite the basic look at first sight this bubbly bright outfit has surprising popularity among young players. Maybe it’s all in the pink hair or the unicorn, we can never know for sure. Anybody can buy it and add it to one’s collection in the Fortnite skin. It’s available for 1,200 V-Bucks in the shop.


Fortnite skins

This is the perfect outfit for players who like to keep it creepy. Not every day you can see a gigantic nutcracker. Chances are some may get nightmares after they see one. But lifelike, appearance isn’t the most accurate thing. The nutcracker is very funny and humble. This awesome skin is available only on holidays. That means you’ll have enough time to save up to 2,000 V-Bucks. Rarely it appears on seasonal events, but don’t get your hopes high in that one. 

Black Knight

Fortnite skins

This legendary Fortnite skin is not available for now, but chances are it will soon be sold through the item shop. It was an exclusive outfit from tier 70 of the second season. It makes magic to anybody who wears it. The pitch-black chainmail, the helmet that hides the face, and the minimal deep red accenting it looks stunning. 

Circuit Breaker

Fortnite skins

Here the creators’ imagination went to the wild west and then zapped fast forward to the future. The result is Circuit Breaker with a stroke of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord rendition. An original combo that has awesome features like night vision goggles. The red scarf with the Mirror’s Edge scheme puts the cherry on top. This outfit can be bought in the shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. 


crackabella skin fortnite

Yup, she looks like she’s married to the nutcracker. Epic Games are trying not to be sexist. As you may see this skin is far more elegant and good-looking, despite her wooden stick, that plays the role of a leg. For a fact, this wooden fist will come in handy. As the nutcracker, Crackabella is available during the holiday season for 1,500 V-Bucks. She is cheaper, and yes, that sounds bad. 

Dark Voyager

Fortnite skins

If you want to feel some Interstellar vibes, the Dark Voyager is the right choice for you. Inspired by astronaut suit. This skin was exclusive to tier 70 of 3rd season. To get it you have to be remarkably lucky or some kind of magic should happen. It can appear in the Cash Shop. It’s a pity because this skin takes the gameplay to a whole new level of Fortnite experience, with its orange neon and futuristic looks. 


Fortnite skins

This skin is like bamboo. Though metaphor, yes. The point is that in the beginning when you get the skin in the 1st tier of season 5 it’s nothing much. But eventually, Drift upgrades. And as the bamboo that needs two years just to arise from the ground, Drift needs XP to look better. Good things come for those who wait. The fun fact is that this skin was the first to start the trend of evolving skins.


Fortnite skins

This shiny boy is super popular. Not only it looks super awesome, but it also requires a lot of effort to obtain. In the beginning, this skin was an option only for players who had purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone or S4 tablet. But people are creative beings and many players got it by using demo phones and tablets. The bad news is it’s no longer available. Some players claim that there is a chance of gaining it through a file-report to Epic Games, but the doubts are bigger than the facts with this one. 

Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper

Fortnite skins

As you may have thought, the first round of these cuties was around Halloween on a Fortinemare. Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper do a good job for all the players who want to look undead. Not without a reason, many players criticized the devs and questioned their creativity. Despite that, the demand was super high. It’s not yet a fact, but you may find these fellas on the next Halloween and purchase them for 1,500 V-Bucks each. Keep your eyes on the undead. 

Ice King

Fortnite skins

Ice King used to be the most exclusive reward in season 7. It was available only to players who had reached the 100 tier. The epicness is on the same level as the levels of fear you feel while looking at him. It’s one of the best skins around if you want to strike fear and envy into the hearts of your foes on the battlefield.


fortnite lynx skin

Lynx is kind of Fortnite’s Catwoman with a little adding from the woman’s version of the Omega skin. You can choose Lynx in several colors. It was only possible to get it on the 7th season pass.

Love Ranger

Fortnite skins

The creators of this one had a good laugh over the mythical gods. Especially over Cupid. But still, you can fly around the map as if you are on some renaissance painting, maybe only the boots will be calling you out. And probably the fact that your arrows would be much deadlier. 

This more than legendary skin occasionally shows up and it can be yours for 2,000 V-Bucks. Be ready around Valentine’s day. 


Fortnite Maya

A very fruitful time the second season was. Especially for skins. Maya is a wonderful example of customization. She’s almost like a quantum computer. Has more than a million potential outcomes. Or so do, said Epic Games. 

Maya’s hair, hat, scarf, and much more is fully your choice. Maya can be different for everybody. Creating your unique Maya. You can unlock her in tier one of the season 2 battle pass. 


Fortnite Meowscles

This skin is disturbingly cute and handsome at the same time. A big role played by the all-time favorite calico cat spy agent, Meowscles. This swole boy is a highly customizable cat man. Shows up in season 2, tier 60. The good news is that by completing the weekly challenges, you can pledge your allegiance to Ghost or Shadow and have his fur color change in the process.


Fortnite Midas

In many ways, this skin is the golden one in season 2. It can be unlocked only by reaching tier 100. But it’s worth it with its golden touch. A beautiful compilation of skin color with gold elements. However, the Ghost and Shadow variants elevate the skin further, making his body entirely gold with a gray or black suit.


Fortnite skins

This skin is kind of a veteran as it was the first major you could get at tier 100. This is where it all began. Players needed to accomplish additional challenges to gain the full armor for Omega. Many upgrades for the suit also needed special challenges. On its Omega isn’t that rad. Just a simple black bodysuit with neon orange accents. 

Still, the upgraded version of Omega is a different story to tell. You’ll be looking like a cyber ninja or some kind of s supervillain. 


Fortnite skins

Somewhere between timber and a sports guy with his awesome bomber jacket and a yellow ski mask, the Raptor skin is a super rear catch. It very rarely shows up in the item shop, and when it does, it can be purchased for the hefty price of 2,000 V-Bucks.


Fortnite skins

An obvious homage to Edgar Allan Poe, the legendary Raven outfit is one of the most popular and sinister Fortnite skins. The collar and frills of the shirt resemble the dark feathers of a raven while the hood obscures the face and two glowing eyes peer out from underneath. As Poe said himself, “quoth the Raven, nevermore.” Just kidding! This skin does occasionally pop up in the Cash Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks, but it is extremely rare.

Red Knight

Fortnite skins

Travel back time with this skin. Back to the knights. Black knight will take you to medieval times in no time. Similar in style to the Black Knight, this skin dons jet-black armor and chainmail with a helmet that shields a pair of small glowing eyes. The number of red accents is what truly makes this one of the best Fortnite skins to wear if you’re trying to intimidate other players. It’s rarely available in the item shop and has a steep price of 2,000 V-Bucks when it does show up.


Fortnite Rox skin

Sweet and innovative, fresh and young. When it comes to tier-one battle pass characters, nobody can be compared with Rox. Introduced in season 9, this wannabe D.Va from Overwatch is a highly customizable character who can be a cute diva or a girl in an awesome mech suit. Besides, the mech suit has an impressive number of color options.

Shadow Ops

Fortnite skins

This skin goes with an additional mission. The Shadow Ops skin lets you take on a secret operative role, helping you “assassinate” other Fortnite players in style. While this skin is only an epic item, its unique appearance makes it popular among players regardless of its rarity. This devious skin will cost you a pretty penny in the item shop at around 1,500 V-Bucks.

Tomato Head

Fortnite skins

Dress up as Uncle Pete’s pizza’s mascot from chapter one Tomato Town using the Tomato Head skin. As you probably guessed, this skin puts a grinning tomato on your head. This Italian-inspired skin clothes you in the reds and greens of the country’s flag with a giant black mustache to boot. You can add to the look by personalizing it with other accessories of your choosing. Look for it in the item shop, where you can sometimes find it for 1,500 V-Bucks. With the removal of Tomato Town at the onset of season 7, there’s no better way to honor this fan-favorite than with this entertaining skin.


Fortnite skins

Easily the slickest and most dapper Fortnite skin on this list is the Wildcard outfit revealed by Epic Games during PAX West 2018. This skin comes in four variations, but all share head-to-toe white accented with a suit card symbol. Unfortunately, it was only available on week 9 of season 5 during the High Stakes event. While the event’s popularity gives players hopes for a potential comeback, we don’t think they should count on it.

To sum up 

Hope you liked the list and got inspired. Wish you luck on capturing the rare ones. Always remember to enjoy your gameplay first, no matter what skin you choose. 

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