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Popstar Kwamie Liv broke down in tears

Kwamie Liv: what made the famous singer cry

The next series of “Toppen af ​​Poppen” has ended. You will remember him with your eyes closed because here you saw how Kwamie Liv burst into tears. A young pop star associates a song that sounded from the lips of Medina that day with her deceased friend. We don’t know how long trouble happened in Kwamie’s life, but she still feels the loss and heals the wounds with music.

Kwamie Liv

Pop star Kwamie Liv burst into tears. Her tears saw the whole world in the “Toppen af ​​Poppen”. In the new series, the girl barely withstood the Danish version of the song “Higher” from Medina. This composition evokes her strongest emotions, as they remind her of the loss of a loved one. In this series, the star couldn’t handle it and burst into tears. The composition gave her another opportunity to honor the memory of a loved one and, we think, she has the right to this human weakness. We remind you that the song “Toppen af ​​Poppen” was released a year ago, the girl didn’t hide that she dedicated it to her late friend.

Everyone was touched to tears

The story of pop star Kwamie Liv made the whole of Denmark cry and all watching the new series of “Toppen af ​​Poppen”. Someone was worried about the pain of the singer, while someone remembered his loss. Alas, everyone in the world lost a loved one: a friend, a family member, a loved one… The audience is grateful to the girl for sincerity and with pain in their hearts experienced together with her every second of the composition. Even from the TV screen, all the emotions of Kwamie and Medina are deeply felt.

After the performance of Medina, the artist said that despite all the pain with which she has to live every day, she is incredibly grateful for the fateful meeting with her friend. Also she thanks the singer for a good and high-quality cover. In the “Higher” text, the star left a message for a loved one, which Medina was able to share: “Forget about all those who said that you are not good enough. They lied to you”. And what would you like to say to the person you once lost if you had such an opportunity?

After the Medina performance, Kwamie Liv barely stood on her feet. She got so emotional that she couldn’t keep all the pain. The Danish version of the song “Higher” deeply touched this time. Previously, she heard other interpretations of her songs, but this one was the best and most sensitive.

About the loss of a friend of Kwamie Liv

Kwamie didn’t write “Higher” immediately after the tragedy. The words came to the girl after a hard blow. Every note in the composition is full of real pain. After the series of “Toppen af ​​Poppen”, the star added that when she performs this song at concerts, she gathers all her will not to leave the stage. 

Kwamie Liv believes that we should value the people we meet when we come to a new place. They mean a lot to us, so you need to be thankful to them for everything. In the original version of “Higher”, Kwamie sings: “I know someone offended you. But it was once, and now I will never leave you”. The star shares with fans that when she performs live, she feels a special atmosphere. As if he is nearby and hears her. This is a magical property of compositions to unite worlds, to transfer us to those people whom it would seem unrealistic to feel. For this, we want to bow to the power of music and say “thank you” for the fact that we have it. The pop star believes that it’s important not to forget about the connection with the person, to remember him, to thank for the meeting and all that was between you.

According to her, Kwamie Liv has felt a special connection with other members of this year’s “Top of the Pop”. But only Medina was able to hook with her performance every note of her soul. The performer, in turn, was also nervous, because this is her interpretation, and the author of the song “Higher” might not like her. Probably most of all the performance was strengthened by the fact that Medina found herself in the song. She told her story, so the track came out very sensitive. The singer had to perform not just a quality cover, but also talk about her pain. According to the singer, every time such an experience allows her to let go of some things, so she says to herself: “It’s enough, enough to suffer!”. So, the artist chose the song of Kwamie to let go of the pain.

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