TWIFT | Europe | More money to the poorest families

More money to the poorest families

Fighting poverty: the government decided to allocate more money to mere mortals

In Denmark, authorities finally noticed that the inhabitants of the country have serious problems. It happened! The government decided to allocate more money for poor families (there have been a lot of such families recently). They thought that it would be nice for people to help. It turns out there are Danes who limit themselves even to food. That’s why a major agreement will be concluded.

Sunny changes don’t always come with the new government. But this is not about damn fucking Denmark. Here the authorities decided to think about their inhabitants of the country. It turns out they will soon sign the first major agreement between the government and other concerned parties. Additional funds will be allocated to people for a living. In particular, those who need help most will receive bonuses.

Monthly assistance to families with children will be additionally seasoned with subsidies. The home of some suffered due to a small cash allowance, which led to the involvement of a rescue squad from the authorities.

New Danish authorities: benefits for poor families

Benefits for poor families were provided by Minister of Employment Peter Gammelgaard. He made an agreement a few days ago. The politician believes that the new manual will help end the darkness over Denmark. We are talking about the allocation of funds from 500 to 700 Krones per child. Parents who are left alone with raising children will receive subsidies in the same amount per month. This will at least help people get on their feet, which pleases the locals.

The number of people who will be embraced by the generous soul of the Danish authorities is more than 14000 families with children and about 28000 children, which can also be considered as a fucking awesome decision. If you look at the total amount of help, your eyes may fall out. So hold on, because you haven’t seen such generosity. 300 million Krones per year, this is no joke! The new authorities decided to break stereotypes and organize a surprise show. They did it perfectly. By the way, this is the first large-scale agreement that appeared in the documentation of understanding. That it will become the main social democracy for the further activities of the government. Danish authorities met at the table and decided: Okay, well, it’s time to think about people!

Would a new bill help win poverty?

The Creator made us like this: half of us live in darkness and tries to find a brighter future, some find darkness and follow it. A man came to this world to change it for the better (as was originally instituted), to prevent the violence and devastation into it. The Danish government takes into account the moment that the future of men, women, and children depends on them. They are trying to take the right measures to solve an urgent problem. There is a hell of a lot of work, guys!

The new solution from the authorities, of course, doesn’t solve all the problems. It’s mostly a gesture: “I don’t give a damn about you.” And great victories begin with small ones. A new government in Denmark was truly outraged that in such a cool country there are children who were left without warm clothes in the winter and cannot spend normally their free time due to lack of funds. No one would even have thought that there are problems with the purchase of products and starving.

“We believe and hope that this will help those families that have suffered from very low benefits who faced poverty,” — said Peter Gammelgaard.

Authorities will have to make a lot of work. For the period 2002-2015, the number of poor people in Denmark has doubled. According to analysts, this increase was mainly due to a reduction in social benefits and financial support for immigrants in the early 2000s. 

According to Gammelgaard, the first steps are now being taken to remove the limit of the cash allowance. Small payments of funds have created such a situation in colorful Denmark. The politician confidently states that he will be able to achieve equality and stop the situation of poverty. Oh well!  

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