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Benzema scores more than Ronaldo

Who’s a good boy? Who plays with the ball the best? Who deserves some love?
Apparently, not Ronaldo. The golden boy of football suddenly appeared to be not as good as we used to think.
After Ronaldo left Real Madrid fans finally got a chance to appreciate the true potential of Karim Benzema. Not like he was playing like shit while with Ronaldo, but he just wasn’t THAT good.
One simple fact to understand the situation: Karim is the first player ever in Real Madrid’s 117-year history to score EIGHT goals in a row without anyone else scoring. How’s that? And Ronaldo had a series of six only.
A little bit more of statistics of the 2018/2019 season with 5 more tours in the championship left.
Italian championship: Ronaldo has 19 goals, while Benzema has scored 21.
In Champions League Ronaldo has two goals more than Benzema — 6 and 4 accordingly.
Ronaldo scored nothing in Italy Cup and Benzema has 4 goals here.
Italian Super Cup brought Ronaldo 1 goal, as many as Benzema scored in UEFA Super Cup.
If you got lost with the numbers, here you have: Ronaldo has a total of 26 goals, while Benzema has 30. And that’s Karim doesn’t even take penalty kicks. But he definitely kicked Ronaldo’s ass this season.

Oh boy, you just wait and see! Pretty sure that’s not even his final form.

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