TWIFT | Other | Fitness Model Lucia Javorcekova Pleases Fans with Hot Photos

Fitness Model Lucia Javorcekova Pleases Fans with Hot Photos

The famous Slovak model Lucia Javorcekova is trying to do everything possible so that her fans do not feel sad and bored at home during the quarantine.

The 30-year-old beauty Lucia Javorcekova shares on the network almost nude selfies. The star admits that she keeps herself busy during the global pandemic, but actively maintains herself in shape through training indoors.

lucia javorcekova

Oh, we see, how fucking sexy and hot she is. Her tightened body really indicates good physical fitness, so, the fans couldn’t miss her nude selfies. The 1.5 millionth audience sees sweet and sexy photos of Lucia Javorcekova.

The crowds of her fans, receiving a portion of the beautiful pics, feels joy and lust. And her posts on the network are usually decorated with successful quotes, which probably also motivate the public.

lucia javorcekova

The witty Lucia Javorcekova suddenly noticed:

“Do not let anyone identify you. You define yourself.”

lucia javorcekova

Lucia Javorcekova gives a deeper understanding and unravels what is happening in her soul. The comment under another photo also surprises. The beauty shared her experiences and anxieties as if she was talking to her best friend:

“After a couple of days in constant viewing of news, and feeling anger, panic, and anxiety, I suddenly realized how important it is to just stay stable at this moment.”

By not trying to escape somewhere, the girl meant to stay at the moment here and now, totally realizing what is happening right now.

Lucia Javorcekova often philosophically reflects and calls for awareness of her fans. Here are the ideas she posted on her page:

“Most of us are very concerned about what will happen in the future, upset and unhappy with the past, but at the same time we completely forget about what is happening right now.”

lucia javorcekova

The fitness star, Lucia Javorcekova also mentioned the fear that often controls people. It seems that she really has no fears. And it’s so sexy, it really turns me on.

“Fear is the controller of your being, your relationships, your mood, and your decisions.”

lucia javorcekova

Also, sexy and wise girl gives amazing psychological exercises:

“Think about the things and events in your life that cause you anxiety and drive you into stress. Write them on a piece of paper. What are they talking about? About the future, right?”

Lucia Javorcekova shared a photo of her house with followers. Under the pic she wrote:

“Quarantine Fridays can also turn out to be fascinating if you add at least a little fun to them.”

lucia javorcekova

Recall, two years ago, this charming 30-year-old beauty quit cycling in order to try herself as a DJ. However, the girl is very popular on Instagram primarily as a fitness model. This is a great source of income for her. We won’t hide, her fee for advertising is a decent amount. Sometimes it makes up a fortune.

Lucia, keep on making us happy with your nude selfies!

lucia javorcekova

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