TWIFT | Esport | Doublelift’s 10-year Montage Celebration

Doublelift’s 10-year Montage Celebration

Doublelift’s 10-year Montage Celebration

Yiliang «Peter» Peng (Doublelift  League of Legends) plays on the professional stage since 2011. His main role is an AD carry now. Yiliang «Peter» Peng played support at the beginning of his career. 

He became popular with the community thanks to the extraordinary game of Blitzcrank and Poppy, and now he is known for his mechanics of playing Wayne and Ketlin. 

He was elected to participate from North America in the All-Star 2013 tournament as a carry, where he made a rampage with Ezreal. He was invited as an analyst to the world finals of the third season. At 16, his parents kicked him out of the house because they did not share his esports hobby. Since then, he has not talked to them for 2 years. He gained fame for playing Counter Logic Gaming and his inflated ego, for which he often received negative reviews from the community. After four years of playing in one team, Peng decided to change it due to some problems there. His choice fell on Team SoloMid, where he played from 2015 to 2017. From 2017 he has been an AD carry in Team Liquid.

After a decade on the Rift, he looked back on his career with an epic montage highlighting the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious moments over the years.

The video shows moments from his career with CLG and Epic Gamer in 2011. In the times when LoL pro scene was entirely different. The video starts from his funny death in the game against Fnatic in the Season One World Championship.

After all these years Doublelift has grown a lot and has played a big amount of amazing games. He is known not only for his play but for his iconic words like “everyone else is trash”. He has many allies and villains in the community. The montage shares a few of those moments, like telling Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg and Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen a tip back when he was on TSM ⁠‒ “gank my lane.”

He has been an AD carry in the North American region and has never left it. Doublelift has won seven titles. The first one in 2015 (with CLG), two with TSM and four with his current team Liquid.

But despite his victories, he has never been able to win the most important tournament of the year – Worlds. He attended six of them, but couldn’t handle it.

The montage also reminds us of Travis Gafford. It is a content creator who took Doublelift after his drama with parents. It was a hard time when he was kicked out of his house because of the game “addiction”.

After LCS 2020, he wants to overcome his main obstacle and win the Worlds title and North America region.

He is one of the most famous players but he is still hungry for victories!

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