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How To Jump Through Windows in PUBG

Overcoming obstacles and quickly moving around the map are some of the main criteria necessary for victory. There are many situations where you need to run away fast, hide behind cover or jump out of the window. In this article, I will try to describe all the options for such movements. Read next to know, how to jump through windows in PUBG.

In Pubg, there are two “advanced” overcoming obstacle ways in addition to the usual jump. This is crouch and vault.

Initially, the game had only one standard jump. It was quite difficult to jump over tall objects or jump out of small windows. Therefore, the players “invented” the so-called squat jump – a crouch.

Crouch jumping is a trick that allows you to jump over obstacles that a player could not pass by simply pressing the Space Bar button.

The key is to simultaneously hold down the “C and Space Bar” keys. Many players do this simply with the thumb of their left hand, so there is less chance of clicking off-timing and failing.

This type of jump also allows you to jump out of windows faster than usual.

When the parkour system was added to the game, many players began to think that this trick was no longer needed. Indeed, to climb over a window frame or a large drawer, now you don’t need to practice any movements, just pressing the “jump” button is enough. But advanced players know that this is not so.

How To Jump Through Windows in PUBG

How To Jump Through Windows in PUBG

To follow their example, you should know several things. First, you need to bind the individual keys for the functions “jump only” and “vault”. To eliminate the chance that you will perform the action that you don’t need in a specific situation.

And then we do everything as in a regular crouch jump. For two or three steps in front of the window, we direct the mouse to a sector just above the middle of the window and simultaneously press the buttons “only jump and crouch”.

Why is this necessary? Everything is simple. There is a separate animation for parkour in the game. During it, you don’t control your character. You cannot undo your actions, you cannot change the trajectory, you cannot use weapons. It may cost you a battle, and most likely a game.

The only disadvantage is that this is not a quite standard mechanic. And accordingly, to use it, you need to practice a lot and even with some experience, and it will not always turn out.

Parkour in PUBG

Let’s talk about the parkour system. Recently, new functions have been added there, which have a significant advantage over crouch jumping. Namely, they added the “pull-up” function.

Previously, the parkour in the game consisted only in the character “stepping over” small obstacles or moving through the window frame.

This can be done like this:

  • run towards the obstacle, 
  • 1-2 steps to it, make a jump (bind for vault)
  • hold the button until we climbed. 

But in the new update, they also added “pull-ups”. 

Pulling up will allow you to choose new routes, climbing to the edges of roofs, fences, and obstacles up to 2.5 meters high, as well as jumping from building to building and from container to container.

  • Now when your player jumps to any edge or texture, it can now catch on to it and pull itself up. With the help of this mechanic, it will be possible to climb into those places that were previously not available and this will significantly change the gameplay and give birth to new “rats”, to which any elevations on the map will be available, including the roofs of buildings and any skyscrapers.
  • You can activate pull-up after jumping/overcoming obstacles (space) by repeatedly pressing the spacebar. Press the spacebar at a specific time in the air when you are approaching the desired point to catch.
  • You can cancel this action and fall to the ground. Pulling is canceled in the same way as jumping or overcoming obstacles.

Message from the development team about pulling up: “This innovation is the first version of the pull-up, you cannot yet cling to the railing or slide on them. Our work is still not finished and pull-ups will change twice more, including this update. We are going to provide all of the above features. These are our tips how to jump through windows in PUBG

When the first functions of overcoming obstacles appeared, we realized that we would have to correct mistakes and solve minor problems in order to explore the game world more conveniently. The same thing happens with pulling up. It will take us time to refine it as well as overcoming obstacles. Try a new movement and share your feedback with us so that we understand what needs to be changed. “We will try to improve this feature and make it even more useful as quickly as possible”.

Which specific function to use is just your choice. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. But to increase your chance of winning, you should always be able to use as many tricks as possible. Each of them can increase the chances of winning.

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