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Top 30 Best PC Games of 2019

Nowadays game developers deliver a huge amount of different games and it is almost impossible to keep track of all the new products. There are more and more companies that release games, so the competition is heating up and therefore there are more cool games to please all kinds of gamers. Here is our list of 30 best PC Games of 2019.

Yes, now it is much more difficult to surprise players, cause it seems that developers have already shown us everything that we can dream about! Still, there are even small indie games that may surprise us. And we just want to help you with choosing the best PC games to play in.

Let me introduce you to the top 30 computer games that you simply must play if you call yourself a gamer! They are listed not by popularity but just in an alphabet order from well-known giants to ordinary roguelike games, a list of “universes” that you can plunge into if you have free time. Read and choose wisely. We don`t think that you have time for all the following games, but who knows. Read also top 50 most anticipated games 2020.

Top Computer Games of 2019:

Let’s go!

1. Afterparty

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Afterparty

If you like to thump and always shout at the parties that no one will overdrink you, then you have a come to the Afterparty, where you need to overdrink Satan and his whole brotherhood. According to the plot, two teenagers went to Hell, and the only way to get out is to get drunk, overdrinking every demon on your path! 

The game fascinates with its atmosphere. The hell from the Afterparty universe is so aesthetic that it looks like a fashionable resort. It shows strange absurd life, not so different from the earthly one, and this is its charm: charismatic characters almost make us believe that “demons are also people.” For them, torturing sinners is not a pleasure, but a tedious job, after which you want to relax and drink something stronger. Almost everything in gameplay is built on branched dialogs. Milo and Lola communicate with the demons, discuss difficult situations they face, argue, make hard moral choices, and again communicate with the demons. The cycle is repeated until the final, sometimes interrupted by funny mini-games.

2. Anno 1800

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Anno 1800

If you are not into some boring zombie-shooting games, specifically for you, Ubisoft releases the urban planning simulator Anno 1800. The goal of the game is to take the whole world under your control. The developer promised us that this part of the game included all the best from the series, including the story of the company, sandbox and network mode. Having indulged in the last two parts with moderate futurism, the Anno urban development series has returned to the already extinct periods of human history. Welcome to the nineteenth century, the time of great change and innovation! But the main merit of the Germans from Blue Byte was not even how beautifully and meticulously they beat the chosen era – this was just what was expected. Much more important is that, returning the game to chronological roots, the developers at the same time rolled back many unpopular decisions, for which at one time Anno 2205 got a lot.

And you know what? It turned out just amazing! 

3. Ape Out

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Ape Out

Two things can be said about this game. The first: it is a clone of Hotline Miami, and the second – it is fully consistent with its name. We are offered to play for the escaped gorilla, who takes revenge on her jailers for bullying. We will do all this with a top view in a minimalistic cover. The game is done without extra screensavers, introductory videos, and dialogs. The story (if you can call it so) begins in one of the rooms, where a gorilla sits in a cage, and workers are busy with something around it. With the click of a button, you break the cage, use the same button to swing your paws and throw enemies into the walls, leaving only puddles of blood in their place. You run away from the room, fall into the corridors and kill everyone in your path. Otherwise, you will die.

It’s not the game that is trying to be anything more than a bloody 2D Top-Down action, but we can say for sure that it will be the brand of the genre.

4. Baba is You

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Baba is You

Baba is You is as brilliant game as the stupid jokes related to its name. It was developed by the Finnish developer Arvi Teikari, and its essence boils down to the fact that you set the rules on each of two hundred levels yourself. Literally! 

A simple example. The main character, a strange white creature, like a cartoon hippo, appears on a location surrounded by a brick wall, and next to the inscription – Wall is Stop. In the corner, on the other side of the wall, two more phrases: “Baba is You” and “Flag is Win”. All these are conditions that work on a location. A wall is a barrier that cannot be passed through. And the flag, which is also located on the other side of the brick, is a victory, you just need to get to it and touch it.

And there is nothing complicated in it, given that every word is an independent block that can be budged. Remove one of the three words from the phrase Wall is Stop, and now the wall is no longer an obstacle, so you can freely go through it. And there, before the flag, only a few cells will remain.

Baba is You is built on this mechanics, but there are hundreds of variations and conditions. You can do anything except making a hero as a “victorious” object. The phrase “Baba is Win” will work, of course, but the game will not count this trick. It is better to compose something like Wall is Win and touch the wall, if the conditions on the location, of course, allow.

It all sounds simple, but believe me, by the tenth puzzle, the conditions will become so complicated that you won’t figure it out in two minutes. It attracts you for hours! 

5. Conan Unconquered

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Conan Unconquered

The events of this strategy game take place in the Conan universe. You have to build buildings and hire characters, as well as constantly fend off enemy PvE opponents who will besiege your base.

You can find things for heroes, explore procedurally generated maps, get materials for improvements and construction, and summon the avatar of the God Mithra. The project also supports cooperative mode for two players.

6. Dark Devotion

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion is an adventure 2D action game, in which players will travel to the depths of a temple destroyed and abandoned by people, in ruins hordes where bloodthirsty monsters have settled. The heroine of Dark Devotion will go to a mysterious temple and make a huge number of sacrifices in the name of her faith.

The developers call their creation a dark indie roguelike RPG. The game really blows gloomy hopelessness. Death takes away from the hero almost all progress and equipment, leaving only the learned skills. And the further she moves, the more tests her convictions will undergo. And only reaching the end, it will be possible to find out the most important gloomy secret of the temple.

7. Devotion

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Devotion

At the center of the story is the scriptwriter Du Feng Yu, who lives in an ordinary Taipei high-rise building with his daughter and wife. Their smooth and happy life is disturbed by the loss of work and mental illness of their daughter. Using the same apartment at different time intervals as a point in the development of history, the authors skillfully manipulate the player, offering more and more scraps of the tangled life of a wealthy family and plunging Du Feng into the abyss of despair. And although the creators lack the spirit to abandon the screamers or ridiculous pursuits of the immortal monster, most of the gameplay is based on a leisurely study of the environment, where every turn may be an unpleasant surprise, a portal to another dimension or dolls depicting their realism that depicts family members.

8. Disco Elysium

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Disco Elysium

The game was developing for more than 10 years. Because its creators are perfectionists, confident that they are creating a new genre! Disco Elysium presents a new look at RPGs and the same character assembly is very meticulous, where each parameter will be displayed on the gameplay.

So, if your character is aggressive, he will think less with his head and solve problems by force, just not seeing another way. We will play as a detective investigating various murders. We can even choose the method of investigation ourselves, and the creed of our hero, from the anarchist with “his own methods”, to the law-abiding cop. In conclusion, they promise complete freedom.


30 Best PC Games of 2019 - GTFO

GTFO is a cooperative action horror game, in which players play the role of team members who are looking for various artifacts in a huge underground complex, which is packed with disgusting monsters. The task is to plan an expedition, get to the goal, and then get to the surface. Alive!

There is a place in the game both for meditative and fascinating research, which alternates with unhurried communication with the team and for disturbing, uncomfortable moments. There were also some furious shootings, which, however, didn’t last long, as there was a severe shortage of ammunition.

10. Hades

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Hades

Hades is a “roguelike” in the setting of Ancient Greece, whose main character is the young son of the ruler of the kingdom of the dead, Hades, Zagrei. One day, the guy decided to escape to the outside world, for which he will have to go through the endless wastes of Tartarus, teeming with evil creatures, and constantly die from their fangs and blows.

The main feature is the random generation of the environment and excessive complexity. After each death, the character loses the accumulated skills and part of the resources, and the situation changes. So, during the next run, the monsters, traps and the level will be different.

11. Imperator: Rome

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Imperator: Rome

A strategy spanning several decades of the reign of the Roman emperor, from the campaigns of Alexander the Great to the heyday of the Roman Empire. We can change history at our discretion and take over the world as we want. The developer boasts about its maps, which he calls the most detailed of all that has ever existed in strategies.

Paradox strategies work in the niche sub-genre that is “too complicated” even for many fans of other similar TBS. I’m sure Europa Universalis has been closed a thousand times, just by looking at the number of strange indicators. And blowing a batch in a couple of minutes is not difficult. Of course, the high entry threshold is justified, you just need to figure it out, then the game suddenly becomes more fun than a friendly Total War.

Imperator: Rome is designed to smooth corners and serve as a portal to the rest of the Paradox series. It is more humane to the player, the mechanics are simpler here, and all the best from previous games are in place. Players familiar with the creativity of developers will feel they are at home: the global economy, hundreds of real states (or tribes) and heady freedom of action. If you want, lead your subjects to prosperity, if you want, try to conquer the whole world. Imperator: Rome doesn’t limit you into any framework and doesn’t dictate which ruler you should be, however, none of your ideas will be 100% win or absolutely successful.


30 Best PC Games of 2019 - ISLANDERS

ISLANDERS is a minimalistic strategy for building cities on colorful islands, in which players have access to many different islands and unlimited resources for construction. Then the players themselves must decide do they want to build several small villages or one huge metropolis? A great option for those who don’t want to engage in tedious resource extraction, but just want to relax. Islanders have a very high percentage of replay value. You are constantly given a choice, and locations are randomly generated. If you score enough points, you can unlock a larger island.

If you ruin everything, the game will not scold you much and will allow you to fix errors. Its goal is not to strain your brains, but to give you relaxation after a hard day. You just place houses here and there and watch how they work.

13. Katana Zero

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Katana Zero

Katana ZERO is a 2D arcade action game in which players scamper through levels and kill enemies. The main feature of the game is that the protagonist needs only one hit, so the players have to think through all their actions very carefully. The protagonist Katana ZERO, before arranging the massacre puts on his headphones, turns on synthwave and starts planning.

Knockdown the door, cut off the head of the nearest guard, grab the bottle from the table and throw it at a huge man who ran to help. And to die from a bullet, because you noticed a band armed with a gun too late. No, it won’t be like that – you need a different plan.

14. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is a first-person shooter in which players will be the pilots of giant battle robots. Gamers are waiting for the distant future 3015, where the third War for the legacy enters the final phase. In the role of mercenary pilots, we must choose various contracts to earn money, open new furs and move up the career ladder.

Players will have the opportunity to pilot huge battle robots which cannons can destroy entire cities, as well as the need to create their own organization of mercenaries in order to unravel the tangle of interstellar intrigues in which the hero of the game was involved. In addition to single “races” along with AI-controlled teammates in Mercenaries, players can fight with friends in a cooperative PvE-mode for four players.

15. Mordhau

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Mordhau

Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval first-person slasher about sword fights, the main one of which is the development of player skills. Players will find something in between Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and For Honor, where you need not only to mindlessly wave your sword, but also apply various techniques in time, choose the direction for the blows, their types, think through feints, deceitful maneuvers and other actions.

In Mordhau, players have several modes available, including both large-scale battles of 64×64 players and a cooperative, where it is necessary to fight armies of AI-controlled enemies. Thanks to a powerful system of customization, each character comes out unique, and most importantly, endowed with his own set of characteristics, because in Mordhau everything is extremely important, including the height, weight and “thickness” of the character. Also, uniqueness adds a huge arsenal of weapons, offering players to reincarnate as real medieval warriors.

16. My Friend Pedro

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is an award-winning 2D action game in which players control a crazy dude whose best friend is… a talking banana. Players are waiting for insane battle choreography, two-handed shooting and an insane amount of drawn violence.

Above all, My Friend Pedro shows the beauty of action. You start the first level and immediately begin to imagine yourself as Max Payne, the hero of The Matrix or John Woo films, choose for yourself. Nobody is bothering you with complicated storylines, there are no dialogues with a psychotherapist, as in Katana ZERO, so it is just shooting and using improvised means, thanks to which this shooting becomes more spectacular…

17. One Finger Death Punch 2

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - One Finger Death Punch 2

One Finger Death Punch 2 is a continuation of the arcade “rhythm fighting game” in which control is also tied to literally two keys. Players are waiting for an updated interface, backgrounds, as well as a number of different innovations.

“I beat the enemies with my arms, legs, jumping and crouching, breaking their skulls with nunchucks, chopping heads with sabers and grinding bones with axes. And all this with two fingers! ”

This is what fully describes the gameplay of this fun game. At the first level, it seemed to me that there would be boredom with the monotonous pressing of the left and right buttons on the mouse. And then how the combinations rushed – eyes on my forehead popped out and fingers almost broke.

18. Outward

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Outward

Outward – so similar to all RPG games, but at the same time is not like anyone. In one project, the developers managed to cram so many aspects that without comparisons with this or that title it is simply impossible to play.

In the world of Outward, we are not destined for the fate of the Chosen One, summoned to fulfill a long-standing prophecy. The hero begins his journey as an ordinary weak and vulnerable wanderer, who has to learn to survive in a harsh open world and fight enemies. Gradually, we will be able to master ritual magic, make excellent equipment and friends.

19. Phoenix Point

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy that takes place in the near future on Earth in 2046. Due to the process of global warming, environmental disaster begins, caused by an outbreak of a virus called Pandora. The player will take on the role of surviving people and lead them either to salvation or complete destruction. The game is the spiritual successor to the X-COM series, and it is created by one of the original authors, Julian Gollop.

Players will have to develop their own base, negotiate with enclaves of other surviving people, and also explore the world, almost completely absorbed in a mysterious fog that causes monstrous mutations. In tactical mode, players will encounter a familiar XCOM combat system with a destructible environment, a huge number of different weapons and unique skills for each class of soldiers.

20. Planet Zoo

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a zoo simulator from the developers of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, in which realistic animals interact with their environment. Players will travel around the world in campaign mode and create their dream park in sandbox mode. To create an ideal zoo world, players will have to build the world’s largest zoos and manage them: create unique habitats for animals, change the landscape and take care of their pets.

The gameplay in Planet Zoo is familiar to all lovers of secrets – players must build their own parks and then manage them so that people want to go to them. However, care must be taken not only about people but also about the animals that inhabit the parks, without which the parks wouldn’t exist.

21. Risk of Rain 2

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a network roguelike-game, which is an evolution of the ideas of the first part. Players set off to conquer a deadly world, alone or with friends, to destroy hordes of monsters, collect artifacts and escape from a hostile planet. Each attempt will make the characters stronger, and the players themselves will learn about the habits of the monsters and their behavior, which will help in subsequent raids.

In the second part, there is a huge variety of familiar survivors, items, enemies and bosses, as well as many new characters. To the good old Engineer, Huntress and Commando, completely new survivors such as the Motorist and MUL-T were added. Wisely using the advantages and features of classes, as well as more than 75 new items, players will be able to prevail even in the toughest battles.

22. Slay the Spire

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a mix of a bagel and a collectible card game in which players roam dungeons and destroy monsters with a hand-crafted deck that can contain any number of 200 unique cards. All this, of course, with the aim of finding treasures and unique items.

Slay the Spire is an extremely addictive roguelike RPG with a card battle system and in which players roam dungeons and destroy monsters with a hand-made deck that can contain any number of 200 unique cards. Even if you are indifferent to computer card games, don’t rush to scroll further, Slay the Spire is probably the most correct and easy entry point in this game segment.

As in many other roguelike RPGs, the hero must go through a series of dungeons, in our case – the floors of a huge tower, defeat several intermediate bosses, then get to the top and defeat the main villain.

23. Steel Division 2

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2 is a real-time strategy about the Second World War, or rather – the year of 1944. At the head of the Soviet offensive in the framework of Operation Bagration, players have to go through several large-scale missions carried out in the “1: 1” format to personally participate in those events. Players have at their disposal more than 600 unique units, 25 cards and many different modes of single and multiplayer games.

In general, the game is divided into two components – the creation of the “deck”, a set of units available in battle, and, the battles themselves. The creation of a deck in Steel Division 2 is limited to these very divisions – the set of units is registered in accordance with historical reports about who and when fought on whose side. It turns out that some Soviet divisions can ride on captured German tigers and Canadian Shermans, while others have to be content with a penal battalion and NKVD units. Due to the strict division into divisions, it won’t be possible to create a fully balanced deck – some have weak infantry, some have tanks, and some have artillery, they have to be content with having to balance the deck relative to the weaknesses/strengths of the divisions, which the developers themselves have kindly divided into 3 ranks regarding their power: A – as the most well-designed, B – as usable, but not as powerful, and C – divisions for roleplaying and trolling.

24. Sunless Skies

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies is a continuation of the adventure game Sunless Sea, which takes place in space. The player will take up the conquest of living space among the stars. This game rests on two pillars: an exploration of the open world and many small, but very well written stories, of which you constantly become a witness and participant. 

Actually, the gameplay is divided approximately equally into two parts: in one you travel through space, carry valuable cargo and settlers between ports, and also fight against pirates, monsters and other enemies. The first thing you notice is a change in the combat system. Battles became more dynamic, now you don’t have to wait before the shot is aimed at the enemy, and during the fight, you have to move much more actively and even get a little strafe, and the locomotive has shunting engines on its sides. The constant fear, on the one hand, of not reaching the destination, and on the other hand, of missing out the profit, creates great tension in the early stages of the game.

25. They Are Billions

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - They Are Billions

They Are Billions is a steampunk strategy, where players are set in the world of the distant future, almost destroyed by the zombie epidemic. Players will take on the role of manager of one of the surviving settlements

They Are Billions is a survival strategy in which you control a small colony of people trying to establish a life and survive after the zombie apocalypse that has swept the entire Earth. Actually, the name very accurately describes the situation, because almost the entire population of the planet has turned into the walking dead – zombies are really billions. The game was already in early access for some time and managed to become quite popular. It turned out that building the last human settlement and defending it from increasingly powerful waves of zombies is very interesting.

26. Total War: Three Kingdoms

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a continuation of the famous Total War strategy series, the events of which unfold during the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. Players will take control of one of the illustrious generals of that era to unite China under one strong arm, destroying competitors and building a prosperous kingdom.

Players will experience an adapted system of heroes from Total War: Warhammer, a full-fledged map of China since the Three Kingdoms, a huge number of warring parties and many historical events. It also included augmented battles with the ability not to fight to the end, ambushes and night battles, a refined diplomatic system and much more. 

In step-by-step mode, we solve state-level issues, and on the battlefield, we’ll muddle the enemy in real-time battles. Both modes are full-bodied and deep, but if you want, you can only play on the global map, giving the miscalculation of the results of the battle to the computer, or, conversely, exclusively cut in large-scale battles, there is a set of historical battles for this.

27. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a voxel arcade strategy where players control a group of soldiers to fight different hordes of opponents. On April 1, 2019, the game was released to Steam early access.

The date of April 1 is perfectly suited as the day of the premiere of TABS. After all, the developers call it also “stupid.” And the fault is the active use of physics and “rag dolls” in combat clashes. Because of this, the greatest battles in history appear to us from an unexpected angle.

In the early version of the game, a campaign and a free sandbox are available. Players can take control of cavemen, medieval knights, Vikings, ancient Roman warriors or farmers. 

In the future, the studio plans to add pirates, Renaissance troops, samurai and other factions. And entering the editor will allow players to independently create units, factions, campaigns and maps for them.

28. Unheard

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - Unheard

Unheard is an adventure detective in which players must solve various mysterious crimes using a special device that allows you to decrypt sounds, even those that sounded in a certain place a long time ago.

Unheard is a rather fascinating representative of the genres of “Detective”, “Puzzle” and, in some ways, “Interactive Cinema”.

Game mechanics is somewhat reminiscent of Return of the Obra Dinn, although now our task is to hear everything correctly and draw the right conclusions. Of course, we will also see, but only a plan of the crime scene and the movement of the persons involved in the incident.

According to the plot, the player is a detective who is willing to empirically verify the operation of a new device that allows using these records from the crime scene to reveal these crimes.

There are five different scenarios, which are audio recordings from 5 to 15 minutes long. Each case is interesting and confusing in its own way, largely because the player works only with bare facts: this guy went into that room, followed by another, and at the other end of the room the girl called someone on the phone. We can’t interrogate the participants of the event, we can’t look at the report or find out their testimonies, in general, we are not corny to at least somehow simplify our task.

29. What Never Was

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - What Never Was

What Never Was is a short adventure quest that tells the story of a young man who took over the legacy of his late grandfather. At a certain point, he realizes that not all items from this collection are as simple as they seem… 

30. World of Warcraft Classic

30 Best PC Games of 2019 - World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is a classic game of World of Warcraft version 1.2 with a number of “non-modern” mechanics. Players will face the classic version of the old locations, an improved graphics engine, as well as the same gameplay that once conquered tens of millions of people around the globe.

With the announcement of WoW Classic, Blizzard made a lot of noise. It was a rather unexpected move: the developer simply threw away many years of innovation and improvement from the world of best computer games of 2019, inviting players to play the 2007 role-playing online game. On August 27, 2019, this finally happened, and the so-called Classic servers are now open.

And what we see: hundreds of thousands of WoW fans storm the servers, creating hours-long queues at the entrance to the system and filling in the initial starting locations of Durotar, Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil. Despite the new technology of layers (Layering), which creates many parallel and identical game worlds, thereby reducing the load on the initial zones, players lack quest opponents, items to collect, and space for their character.

If you believe that we missed some dope-ass games that should be included in this list of best PC games of 2019 – be sure to mention them in the comments and they will be added here.

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